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How do I upload, install and use a new default theme?
  Requested by Carnuke and Answered by Jdseymour on 2005/1/17 23:52:15     11346  reads 
1- Once you have downloaded your new theme, open the folders untill you find the one that contains all the theme files 2- This is the folder that you should upload complete to your /themes/ folder in your xoops website files. 3- Copy the name exactly of the theme folder, you will need this in a later step. 4- Login to your site and go to the administration page. 5- From the system admin menu select TEMPLATES 6- You will now be in the template set manager page. 7- Where you see the theme names 'Default Theme' Click the link [clone] 8- The 'Clone a template set' page is returned with 'enter a new template set name' form 9- Enter exactly the name of the theme folder you have just uploaded to the themes folder. 10- Click submit 11- Go back to the main administration home page. 12- From the System admin menu select 'Preferences>General settings [edit] 18- Line 8 displays Default theme. The corresponding selector box should now have you new theme name entered. 19- Select the new theme name in this selector. 20- Line 11 displays 'Default template set' The corresponding selector should also have your new theme name entered. 21- Delect your theme new name name. 22- If you want to display you new trheme in theme selector, also highlight it in 'selectable themes' on line 10 23- Click go at the bottom of the page. 24- go back to System Admin>Templates, a tick should be located to the right of the default template. You may need to click on "Generate" if any of the module files have a "red" generate link. 25- New theme will now display as your default. --- Additional details submitted by Jdseymour on 2005/2/19 0:16:38 See the Theme Install Flash Tutorial.

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 Theme Changes After Log in

I followed the instructions in this FAQ in an effort to stop the following:

When I first go to my site I get the theme as set in config for default. As soon as I log in the site reverts to a theme I used to use as default. When I log out ... it goes back to the correct theme.

What could be causing this??


 Re: Theme Changes After Log in

Check your Edit Account page. See if you selected another theme there to view.


 Re: Theme Changes After Log in

Thank You!! You folks really are helpful. Sorry I overlooked that spot.


 Re: Theme Changes After Log in

You have to go to Modules->Administration->System Admin->System Preference:Preferences ->Default Theme




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