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How do I display all forum topics from the beginning, instead of the last 100 days?
  Requested and Answered by Dave_L on 2005/1/14 23:49:11     7109  reads 
For NewBB < 2.0.1: modules/newbb/viewforum.php:
$sortsince = !empty($HTTP_GET_VARS[\'sortsince\']) ? intval($HTTP_GET_VARS[\'sortsince\']) : 100;
$sel_since_array = array(1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 60, 75, 100);
$forum_selection_since .= \'\';

The value 1000 represents \"From the beginning\", so change the \": 100\" to \": 1000\". For NewBB >= 2.0.1: Go to Module Preference: [img align=left[/img]
Change the 'Since' default value to 1000.

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 from the beginning in newbb forum

too many people waiting for this a long time
thanks in advance


 Can someone explain which bit to change?

Sorry, I know when someone rexplains it i will feel daft.

Yet at present I can not understand which bit needs editing, to make it show since beginning.

Can someone tell me is it the highlighted number you have to change to 1000 or add a bit?



 Re: Can someone explain which bit to change?

The value in the screen shot "Since" Default Value needs to be changed to 1000, default is 100.


 Re: Can someone explain which bit to change?

Thxz done it
Peace B with U


 Re: Can someone explain which bit to change?

To ADD to this, in CBB the value is 0 to add in admin




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