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Can I rate a file?
Requested and Answered by Webmaster on 2004/5/14 15:49:47 (4356 reads)
Yes you can ! To rate a file that you liked or did not like, simply click on the Rate this File link at the bottom of the download:
Rate this download

You will then see a select box and two buttons:
Downloads : Rate It

All you have to do is select a number in the select box that represent your appreciation of the file. The scale is 1 - 10, with 1 being poor and 10 being excellent.

To save your vote, simply hit the Rate It! button.

- Please do not vote for the same resource more than once.
- Please be objective, if everyone receives a 1 or a 10, the ratings aren't very useful.
- Do not vote for your own resource.

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