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How do I restore my webmaster rights once I have denied group access to admin?
Requested and Answered by Carnuke on 2004/12/20 18:03:23 (8574 reads)
Firstly access your xoops database through phpadmin or whatever program you use.

Go to the xoops_users table and click "browse". Note your "uid" number which will probably be "1"

You will see the "group ids" listed by browsing the xoops_groups table

Then go to the xoops_groups_users table and click "browse". Then find the row with your users id = "1". Notice the "groupid" column you should be in group "1" which is webmasters. So you are in group 1, and have a user id of "1".

If for some reason this is not "1" click "Edit" for this row and make yourself a "1" again for the groupid column.

Then go to the xoops_groups_permissions table and look for the "gpermname" column. Then look for all the "system_admin" rows.

You might find them in later pages. Edit each system_admin row and change the gperm_groupid to "1" which is the webmasters group.

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All my admin access has gone!!! Followed instructions, even went so far as to allow access to anon users in group perms via phpadmin in cpanel and I still can't access the admin section.

It's a relatively new install, 2.0.14 with blog, calendar, xcgal & contact mods ONLY. Was working fine for a day...then?

Any ideas?

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 Still can't access to admin

I followed the steps above, all system_admin entries are set to gperm_groupid 1 already. What else can I do? please.

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 Re: Still can't access to admin

Any help? Shall I reinstall?