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How to add a custom block to newBB2 forum
Requested and Answered by Carnuke on 2004/12/13 23:06:25 (5752 reads)
With NewBB 2.0 you can add blocks on-fly as following.

1 Enter 'Administration Menu'=>"block admin"=>"Add new block"

2 In the "Add a new block":

2.1 Block Type: choose anyone as you prefer
2.2 Weight: input any valid value as you prefer
2.3 Visible: select any one as you prefer
2.4 Visible in: set any one as you prefer
2.5 Title: input any valid text as you prefer
2.6 Content:

include_once(XOOPS_ROOT_PATH '/modules/newbb/blocks/newbb_block.php');
$options "10|0|time|0";

//$options = "TheNumberToDisplay|ViewMode(0?1?2?)|time_Or_reviews_Or_replies|ForumId1,ForumId2,ForumId3";
2.7 Content Type: MUST BE "PHP Script"
2.8 Cache lifetime: choose any one as you prefer
2.9 Preview first, or Submit to save your new block

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