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How do I query a database?
XOOPS has a database abstraction layer for you to use, when accessing the database.

The database object can be retrieved in two ways:
a) using the $xoopsDB instance - if you are in a function or class method, you will need to declare it global first with
global $xoopsDB;

b) calling a static getInstance() method on the Database class
$xoopsDB =& XoopsDatabaseFactory::getDatabaseConnection();

After that is done, you can use the database object to query the database
//Any statement goes in the query - SELECT, UPDATE, INSERT etc.
$result $xoopsDB->query('SELECT * FROM [...] ');
// if it is a SELECT statement, $result will now be a resultset so let's loop through it
while ($row $xoopsDB->fetchArray($result)) {
$variable $row['index'];
$another_variable $row['another_index'];

If the query is not a SELECT statement, $result will be true or false, depending on whether the SQL query encountered errors or not.

See also this FAQ here

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 My list of DB queries

Here are some of my db queries to access the XOOPS database.

// To delete rom from table
$query "Delete from ".$xoopsDB->prefix("xoops_table")." where id='$id'";

// To insert a row into the table
$sql "INSERT INTO ".$xoopsDB->prefix('xoops_table');
$sql .= " ( xuser, emailname ) VALUES ";
$sql .= " ( '$user', '$userwebname' )";
if ( ! 
$xoopsDB->query($sql) )
$xoopsDB->error." : ".$xoopsDB->errno );

//To update a row
$query "Update ".$xoopsDB->prefix("xoops_table")." smtpuname = '$smtpuname', smtppasswd = '$smtppasswd' where id='$id' ";

//Select from row
$query 'SELECT field1, field2 FROM ' $xoopsDB->prefix('tablename') . ' WHERE searchfield1 =1';

//Query database
$query "select * FROM ".$xoopsDB->prefix("xoops_table")." where uid = $userid";

//Compare 2 groups through a user uid. 1 user stored in db, other is current. I have to thank Mithrandir for giving me this code.
$db_uid $row['uid'];
$userid $xoopsUser->uid();
if (
$userid != $db_uid) {
$member_handler =& xoops_gethandler('member');
$db_groups $member_handler->getGroupsByUser($db_uid);
$current_groups $xoopsUser->getGroups();
$common_groups array_intersect($current_groups$db_groups);
if (
$userid==$db_uid || !empty($common_groups)){
//do something



i tried using: $xoopsDB->query($sql) to insert values into the database but it did not work. but i found out that: $xoopsDB->queryF($sql) works.

this was posted in the forums some time ago.


 Re: $xoopsDB->queryF($sql)


you should always use $xoopsDB->query($sql) as it is more secure.

if it doesn't work you have done something wrong somewhere.

using queryF() is insecure as it doesn't distinguish between _POST and _GET and will likely lead to security exploitation via XSS or CSRF

queryF() kind of deals direct avoiding http referer checks and I think bypassing the textsanitizing functions..

using query() should work from select statements, if it's not done through a select statement then the method has to be done through a $_POST method.. using $_GET method will not work with query() neither will it work if http referral is blocked.

hope this helps you somewhat.


 update not workin please help

//global $xoopsDB;
//$xoopsDB =& Database::getInstance();

$query = "UPDATE ".$xoopsDB->prefix("users")." SET user_avatar ='$noavatar'";
echo $res;
if(!$res) {
//$xoopsTpl->assign('msg', "error: $query");
echo "error";
} else {
//$xoopsTpl->assign('msg', "Data was correctly inserted into DB!");
echo "success";

tell me what is wrong in this its always showing error and never success



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