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Google Maps


I've made some quick changes to Phatbloke's Google Map module. Hope you will enjoy them. Next step is to make this module even more Xoops API compliant : this helps me improving my knowledges, so my strategy is "improving step by step so to learn how to"...
Thanks to Phatbloke as well. I hope he will be happy when he will come back from his trip.
This module is from now only compliant with xoops 2.0.x versions, not with 2.2+
Enjoy and thanks in advance for your feedbacks, i like them


Version 0.82 (Marco) - 17/02/07
- many security fixes, that work permitted me to improve my knowledge in that area (thx hervé)
- Notice: Undefined variable: pentry : suppression message bug
- add indexes on tables (read readme file for upgrade instructions)
- fix for mysql 5, add alias on a join instruction
- instructions set in module preferences are now displayed on index page


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      Released: 2013/01/04

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