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SmartProfile is a replacement for the XoopsMembers module and the core's user profiles and registration.

It is based on the Profile module in XOOPS 2.2, but where that module was a front to core functionality, this module is self-enclosed and does not influence on the core.


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      Released: 2008/01/07

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      • Just popping in

       Re: SmartProfile 1.0

      Very nice module. But it has a problem. When used on the site together with WF-chanell 2.00cRC it doesn't work. Site shows next message:

      This page cannot be displayed due to an internal error.

      You can provide the following information to the administrators of this site to help them solve the problem:

      Error: Class wfc_PageHandler does not exist
      Handler Name: page

      If I deactivate WF-chanell, then Smartprofile works nice.

      I'm aware that the problem is probably in a WF-Chanell. I just wanted to post this for other users to know the fact and for developers who might wont to correct the problem.

      I wrote the same message in a comments for WF-chanell.

      One more thing. I tested this on XOOPS 2.0.16 on my local installation. On 2 different installations of Xoops.

      • Just popping in

       Re: SmartProfile 1.0

      help me...

      Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_OBJECT_OPERATOR in C:\Webdata\\wwwroot\xoops\htdocs\modules\smartprofile\userinfo.php on line 85

      • Friend of XOOPS

       Re: SmartProfile 1.0

      You must use Php4 when the module needs Php5

      • Community Support Member

       Re: SmartProfile 1.0


      as herve pointed the original module requires PHP5. And SmartObject framework.

      There is PHP4 version from akitson here:

      And some fixes from Mark Boyden here:

      You may give them a try ...

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