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Changed the database settings so that long exercise files are stored properly. This should fix a bug of long files not saved in full.

Users of version 1.0 or earlier need to update the database according to doc/UPGRADE.txt.

XoopsHP is a module to handle exercise files created with Hot Potatoes on the XOOPS platform.

This is an ideal solution for teachers with a limited budged or resource who need simple portal sites for their classes to have their students work on the web exercises created with Hot Potatoes.

Unlike other feature-rich solutions such as WebCT or Moodle, this module provides sufficient features for teachers to assign online tasks to their students and keep track of their progress.

This is the first public release. Some of the future plans for improvement include:

+ Spreadsheet-ready data output
+ Group permissions for courses
+ Module blocks to display various information
+ Better admin interface
+ Activity monitor feature
+ Notification feature for new quizzes
+ More detailed feedback from the quiz
+ Better handling of uploaded data
+ Expiration feature

Bug reports, suggestions and comments are most welcome in the forum of the module's support site.

  • - Upload Hot Potatoes exercise files
    - Manage exercises by courses
    - List courses or exercises
    - Record the results in the database
    - Send feedback by email
    - Display user's own portfolio
    - Administrator can view users' portfolio

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