Shoutbox is an XOOPS module that provides an interactive block and pop-up window for visitors to post and view messages. For background info and previous developer credits refer to "readme_archive.txt".

This release addresses clickable URL's opening in a new window, extra line feeds messing up display of messages when File storage used, all hard-coded text has been moved to language files, improved text sanitizing and addition of more comments in module style sheet.

Now with CAPTCHA support. If you are running XOOPS 2.0.x or XOOPS 2.2.x you must install Frameworks 1.35 for captcha feature to work. If you are running XOOPS 2.3.x and you have Frameworks 1.35 installed then you have the option of using Frameworks captcha OR core captcha selectable through module Preferences.

Frameworks 1.35 download is available at ... file.php?cid=101&lid=1766

Please be sure to read the installation/update instructions in the readme.txt file. Since we removed the local captcha class from the module, we recommend deleting the existing ShoutBox module if you are updating from a previous version. If you simply overwrite existing files there will be alot of files present on your server that are no longer used.

Additional features in this release are the addition of wordwrap setting and enable/disable display of avatars in the ShoutBox block. These options are specifically targeted for those who are displaying the ShoutBox in a very narrow column. By adjusting the wordwrap setting you can eliminate the appearance of the horizontal scrollbar and by disabling the display of avatars you have more room for text to be displayed.

This release has been tested on XOOPS and XOOPS 2.3.0


System Requirements:

Other files by: tank1955

VideoTube (2009/10/23)
Main Menu Link (2008/02/06)

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 Re: ShoutBox v4.05

Hi, thanks for the update.

One issue that I notice where if the column to display the shoutbox is small (left column) and both the "display pop up" & "auto refresh" options are turn on, the block will cause the column to expand due insufficient space to show both.


 Re: ShoutBox v4.05

You can change the 'define' for your language to prvent this.


 Re: ShoutBox v4.05

good job there , thanks ! :)

i got a question , are you willing to add Admin control ?
this would be perfect for this module really !


 Re: ShoutBox v4.05


are you willing to add Admin control ?

I am not sure I understand the request. Admin functionality currently exists for edit/delete posts and modules configuration parameters. Also, instead of explaining your request here it would be better to post it in the forum under "Module Requests". Thanks.


 Re: ShoutBox

Error : Smarty error: [in db:shoutbox_block.html line 15]: syntax error: unidentified token '#039;1'' (Smarty_Compiler.class.php, line 1410)


 Re: ShoutBox

I've had this module installed for awhile and now I'm getting random weirdness. Avatars reverting back to the default, a string of numbers being generated when you hit enter and then the shout follows in another message. I posted several times in a row and the first shout was fine then my avatar changed and it started doing the number thing. Other users were experiencing this and pointed it out to me.

I can link to the site but the shoutbox is not visible to guests.




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