SmartSection is a section management module for your XOOPS site. It is intended to provide the best functionalities of the News and WF-Section modules. The administrator would have the opportunity to use the module to manage news, article, tutorials, etc... It is intended to be complete, flexible and yet easy to use.

The replacement for SmartSection is Publisher by Trabis.

You can download it here


System Requirements:

Other files by: irmtfan

Marquee (2013/01/03)
Waiting (2013/01/03)
WF-Downloads (2013/01/02)
Avaman (2013/01/02)
Pageworks (2008/01/18)
XoopsInfo (2008/01/07)
xf-guestbook (2008/01/07)
Netquery (2008/01/07)
WordBook (2008/01/07)
SmartObject Framework (2008/01/07)
SmartBlocks (2008/01/07)
SmartMail (2008/01/07)
SmartMedia (2008/01/07)
SmartProfile (2008/01/07)
SmartPartner (2008/01/07)
SmartFAQ (2008/01/07)
ExtCal (2008/01/07)
Newbbex (2008/01/06)

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 Re: SmartSection 2.13

SmartSection - (attention please function with FRAMEWORKS_VERSION", "1.20")

Version: 2.13

Developer: Marcan


 Re: SmartSection 2.13

Sorry, but I'm a little lost as to the meaning of your post.

SmartSection 2.13 is a "standalone" module; it doesn't require other frameworks or modules to work.

Frameworks (latest version is v1.22) and SmartSection are not coded by the same devs and I for one will eat my shorts if SmartSection was ever coded in such a way as to be dependent on Frameworks

The latest version is SmartSection 2.14 Final available from This module is different to earlier versions in that it requires the SmartObject framework. The latest SmartObject version (v1.0.1) is also available from the SmartFactory website.

SmartSection 2.14 Final may well be the last version that will work with XOOPS as the SmartFactory team has moved on to another project. Fine module though; as long as users are aware of this then use it and enjoy it.


 Re: SmartSection 2.13

Hi, I get the following error:

SELECT * FROM s8xml50_smartsection_categories WHERE (parentid = '0' AND categoryid IN ()) ORDER BY weight ASC
Error number: 1064
Error message: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ')) ORDER BY weight ASC' at line 1

any fix thanks,




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