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Zmagazine 1.0


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Hi all xoopsers,

Zmagazine is a hack of WF-Section to give it the look of Draven's hacked WF-Section. Including spotlight and display hacks. It can run next to Wf-Section, it has a different name and tables (added columns as well).

A while ago I came across Draven's site: Like most xoopsers around I thought it was a great site. It had some nice (module)hacks.

I needed an articles module that looked like draven's hacked wf-section module. I know Catzwolf is working on a new version of this module but I wanted this asap so I started working on it. At first there were only some hacks, in the end i was adding columns to the tables to put in some extra options. I renamed it for my site and I figured that it would be little trouble to rename the tables so other xoopsers could use this module as well.

Most important changes:
- A spotlight section is added. It is possible to show a number of articles above the category listing. This can be done by checking a checkbox in the article creation/edit screen. The spotlight section can be turned off or on in the main config.
- Spacer images can be turned off or on.
- Changed some default options in main config.
- Included archive link (can be turned off or on, if there is no archive link, the category title will have that
- Changed lay-out of both main index and category index.
- Overall the main index looks like draven's wf-section.

If you want to use this module remember, i'm not a coder. It might be that the code is a little messy


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      Released: 2004/04/28

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