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I am proud to announce the release of the inbetween-WYSIWYG-editor. This module is heavily based on the tinyeditor from ralf57 who gave me permission to release this inbetween-version. Why another clone of the tinyeditor? Simple! I urgently needed some features from the current Tine plus some addons so I wrote this "hack". The biggest change are the toolsets because I needed different toolsets for different groups.

This version will only be supported until tinyeditor 1.0 is released, because ralf57 is the better programmer. I hope you'll like "my" version.

Installed plugins:
- advhr -> advanced hr-plugin
- advimage -> advanced image-plugin
- advlink -> advanced links-plugin with the possibility to write own plugins for inserting XOOPS-links
- autosave -> you'll get a warning if the work is not saved (no must-have, sometimes unstable)
- contextmenu -> a context-menu - what else?
- directionality -> change writing direction inside the editor
- emotions -> add your smilies
- flash -> add flash-movies
- fullscreen -> makes the editor fullscreen
- iespell -> spellchecker (IE only)
- inlinepopups -> instead of making popup-windows the plugin generates popup-divs (experimental)
- insertdatetime -> no explanation needed
- mlcontent -> add multilanguage-tags (ralf57-plugin)
- noneditable -> lock elements against editing
- paste -> pastes and tidies text from e.g. word
- preview -> preview your content in a popup
- print -> print the editor's content
- searchreplace -> search and replace words
- table -> adds tables
- xquotecode -> add XOOPS-style quotes and codes (a little bit buggy - ralf57-plugin)
- zoom -> zoom your content (IE only)
- iBrowser -> lightweight image-manager (added permissions)
- iManager -> full featured image-manager (added permissions)
- countchar -> counts the word inside the editor
- divselect -> makes divs from text (CSS-selector)
- insertdiv -> inserts DIVs (still BETA)
- insertcode -> inserts highlighted code into the editor using geshi
- custombullet -> make your own definition lists
- blockproperties -> nothing spectacular, add some more infos to paragraphs and headings
- simplebrowser -> browse your server and insert links (simple!)

Some things have changed. Especially the following part: DO make your own css-file for the editor, if not some things will not work as expected. The way to implement this editor is of course similiar. So read the manual carefully that comes with the module.

Install the module as every normal module. Copy the folder xoopseditor to xoopsroot/class. If you want to use iBrowser or iManager the folders xoopsroot / modules / inbetween / editor / plugins / ibrowser(or)imanager / scripts / phpThumb / cache and modules / inbetween / editor / plugins / ibrowser(or)imanager / temp need CHMOD 777.

If you want to set toolsets for your groups please not that only the first three groups are inside the database. For all other groups there are only default values. You MUST submit the form to insert it into the database.

Inside the module is the original tinyMCE-documentation (folder origdocs) if you want to discover all the "secrets" of the tinyMCE-engine.

IMPORTANT for 2.2x-users: The use of gzip-compression in XOOPS 2.2x still cannot be used. Turn off the use of gzip-compression in inbetween-preferences. If gzip-compression is turned on the editor's template cannot be loaded.

Code changes between 1.13 and 1.14:

Unfortunately you have to replace ALL files to upgrade from 1.13 to 1.14, because the tinyMCE-team has no documentation on the differences between the version and I was too lazy to compare more than 2000 files for differences.

A few words to the permissions:

The use-quota-permission ONLY makes sense, when per-user-directories are enabled in inbetween's preferences. Override user-dirs does allow a group to see ALL image directories even when per-user-directories are set.

A few words to the new simplebrowser-plugin

This plugin is quite tricky and made me a hell of a work to get this implemented properly. Basically this is a plugin that is plugging into the plugins: advimage, advlink and flash. With that plugin you are able to browse and upload files and then insert links to those files. I had to some special tricks to prevent that functions are available for groups that were not meant for them. If you want to use this plugin for a special group, add it via toolsets. There is nothing wrong about the plugin when the icon is not appearing in the toolbar. Once installed a browse-button will appear in the aforementionend plugins. If I get a positive feedback on this plugin I am thinking about extending this plugin with permissions and so on.


    System Requirements:
    • XOOPS 2.0x
    • XOOPS 2.2x
    • PHP 4
    • PHP 5

    Download History:
    - TinyMCE-engine now 2.0.4
    - fullpage- and save-plugin removed, because nearly nobody understood what these plugins were for
    - emotions-plugin is now retrieving the smilies from the database
    - blockproperties-plugin added
    - simplebrowser-plugin added
    - some minor bug-fixes on ibrowser and imanager
    - french lang-files added (thx Christian)
    - made changes to the manual
    - disk-quota for every group can now be defined in toolsets
    - fixed bug in ibrowser/imanager when XOOPS is installed in subdirectory
    - cleaned the code a bit
    - fixed bug in use of gzip
    - auto-detects XOOPS-series and turns off or on gzip during INSTALLATION
    - kicked the imgmanager-plugin, because the new engine broke the plugin
    - removed the preferences that were only meant for imgmanager
    - width and height of an image can now be defined in toolsets and therefore you can set different image sizes for different groups (changed database table)
    - images are now triple-checked to avoid security leaks
    - bug fixed in fullscreen-plugin (was referenced to developer-file)
    - cleaned language-files
    - TinyMCE-engine is now 2.0.3, therefore I had to kick the form-plugin
    - made some modules TinyMCE 2.0.3-compatible
    - permission added to override user-dirs for browsing and uploading
    - permission added to select which group must use disk-quota
    - fixed some tiny bugs
    - running XOOPS in a subdirectory is seldom used, so I moved this to preferences to avoid problems
    - disk-quota-function can now be used too for iBrowser and iManager
    - disk-quota is now a selectable permission
    - per-user-directories now available for ibrowser and imanager
    - fixed bug in ibrowser/imanager that caused POST-alert-box when creating directories
    - small error in TinyMCE-javascripts fixed
    - wrong language-constants updated
    - fixed misbehaviour when ibrowser/imanager are used and XOOPS is installed in subfolder
    - permission-queries for various image-manager changed
    - layout corrected (no OK-Button for image-uploads under Gecko-browsers)
    - superfluos theme-selection in inbetween-preferences removed
    - Incorrect packed version 1.06 fixed
    - Updated to TinyMCE-engine 2.02
    - save- and full page-plugin added
    - Bugfix in editor_registry.php (thx petkove)
    - insertcode-plugin added for adding code-snippets using the geshi-syntax-highlighter
    - Bugfix, guests were not able to use the editor in 1.04
    - New gzip-compressor built in, accelerates the editor up to 70%, with that only two requests are used instead of one for every js-file. The scripts writes a gzipped file to xoopsroot / cache for this purpose
    - Documentation tidied
    - Some minor bugs fixed
    - Minor bugfix
    Version 1.01
    - There was a bug in the toolsets. If a user was part of different groups always the "minor" group was used
    - gzip-compression is now available in the preferences

    Submitter: frankblack
    Updated On: 2006/03/14

    Version: 1.14
    Release Status: 
    Downloads: 7793
    File Size: 6.28 Mb

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    Download Times:
    Modem(56k) : 17.4min
    ISDN(64k) : 15.2min
    DSL(768k) : 1.3min
    LAN(10M) : 6s
    Price: Free | Platform: 2.0.x | License: Sun Solaris Source Code (Foundation Release) License (v. 1.1) | Limitations: None

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