What is mytabs Module (v2.1) ?

With this Xoops module, your can create blocks with several tabs an blocks inside.

The module can :
. Create any blocks you want (just clone the original)
. Create any pages (holders for tabs) you want so you can choose in the block what page to show
. Create any tabs you want per page
. Create any blocks you want per tabs
. Set group view permissions per block/page, tab and block
. Set time based tabs and blocks (auto-expiring)
. Set blocks side: left, center or right.
. Choose from 9 different page/block layouts
. Use how many blocks you want in the same page or not (just clone and set them)
. Many other goodies like cache, position, scroll, width, Show/hide other divs, link tab to url, onmouseover selection, etc

How to install mytabs

Copy mytabs folder into the /modules directory of your website. Then log in
to your site as administrator, go to System Admin > Modules, look for the mytabs
icon in the list of uninstalled modules and click in the install icon. Follow
the directions in the screen and you'll be ready to go.


Works in xoops 2.3.0, xoops 2.0.16

Does not work in xoops 2.2.x due to diferent configuration of database, sorry.

If you have problems using xoops 2.3 alpha then add a folder named 'smarty_cache' with write permissions in

Tested with php5 and php4.


Be carefull when selecting time based tabs/blocks. Dislpayed hour is not always correct. Have that in mind when selecting time.


You can´t use more than one block with scrolling tabs (delay>0) per page.

Upgrading from older versions

No upgrade, please:
Unistall mytabs.
Remove all files.
Clean templates_c folder
Upload new files.
Install mytabs.


You can create your own .css for tabs. Just upload it to css folder an it will be available for selection in

your blocks!


To avoid tabs from scrolling set delay to 0 inside your block.


Clone My Tabs Block using 'blocks and permissions' in mytabs administation page. If you use iCms or xoops

2.3.0 alpha you can also clone it from System Admin > Blocks Admin.


You can create html custom blocks and make them interact with each tab.
Ex of a custom block:
<div id="mydiv" style="display: none;">My tip number1</div>
<div id="mydiv2" style="display: none;">My hided links</div>

And then set 'Reveal ID' inside the tabs edit form
for tab1 : my div
for tab2 : mydiv2

You can expand/contract more than one div, just separate the divs ids with a comma

for tab 3 : my div, mydiv2


You can also add a link to a tab.
Just set 'Links to' with the complete URL
Ex: http://www.anothersite.com/register.php


You can use Mytabs as a menu!
Set your block height to 0 and create tabs without blocks.
Using the 'Link To' option you can easily make your menu.
You do not need to enter all the complete link


You can use {user_id} in your link. It will retrieve the Id of the user seing the page


You can also customize the name of the link for display private messages info

In the tab title just add


title = Inbox {pm_new}
Link to = viewpmsg.php


Please use http://www.xuups.com (xoops user utilities)


System Requirements:

Other files by: trabis

MyComments (2013/01/04)
MySearch (2013/01/04)
Contact 1.8 (2013/01/03)
MyMenus (2010/08/11)

The comments are owned by the author. We aren't responsible for their content.

 Re: My Tabs 2.0

Very good and useful module (xoops2.0.18.1), but with xoops2.3.0 beta is blank page.


 Re: My Tabs 2.0

Works for me:

XOOPS Version - XOOPS 2.3.0
PHP Version - 5.2.6
MySQL Version - 5.0.51a-community-nt
Server API Version - apache2handler
OS Version - WINNT


 Re: My Tabs 2.0

Great module. This is what I was looking for.

It worked when I added System block (Search) but I am not able to add XHld Rss feed block ?

In fact, I added another tab with system block. But it is working only showing Search block tab even when I hover the other tab

My XOOPS version is

Can you help me please



 Re: My Tabs 2.0

I did some more testing and it always shows the high priority tab. On mouse hover to the other tab, I don't see it switching to that tab content.

Hope this helps.



 Re: My Tabs 2.0

Hi jayreview, you must set onmouseover to 'yes' in your block settings or it willwork just with clicking. As for the missing block, does it shows on the the list of blocks? Have you set access permissions to that block? Don´t you want to reply this is a forum thread? Thanks.


 Re: My Tabs 2.0

Awesome ! Thanks much for your help trabis.
I set the hover to Yes and it worked.

I noticed one more problem. In Firefox browser, when I keep the cursor over a tab , it shows that tab blocks for a split second and will automatically switch to first tab content. I works great in Internet Explorer browser.
Any thoughts ?


 Re: My Tabs 2.0

In Internet Explorer 7 gives me the following error ... I do it wrong


Alert Windows
Java scritp Error Description:'undefined' is nulo or is a objet Source:http://www.infopuno.com/ Line:86 See more details?

In Firefox no errors


 Re: My Tabs 2.0

jay, maybe you are using more than one block with delay>0 in the same page. You have to set all the others delay to 0.

harlo, how can I debug javascript? Where can I see that? Thanks.


 Re: My Tabs 2.0

It sure did work. I set the response time in block edit from default 2000 to 0.

Thanks a lot trabis


 Re: My Tabs 2.0

if (!defined('XOOPS_ROOT_PATH')) {
die('XOOPS root path not defined');

to do here???


 Re: My Tabs 2.0

s tymto modulom jedine zbytocne zatazim databazu...ee, dik


 Re: My Tabs 2.0

problem using mytabs with ie7

same experience here (with 1e7). i did not notice any problems before since i was using firefox. on internet explorer however, the blocks' contents do not show up, just the tabs.

the following error message appears when u click on the icon in the status bar indicating errors (yellow exclamation point):

line: 534
char: 1
error: 'jQuery' is null or not an object
code: 0
url: http://oragonrepublic.net

mytabs version 2.2


 Re: My Tabs 2.0

2.2? Well, use it at your own risk, that is an alpha version with known bugs and not supported. It was made public for testing the spotlight block and nothing more. I will now remove it from google code to avoid further problems. Thanks.




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