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x-Torrent is a module which allows your users and yourself to upload torrents to xoops, it will poll the torrents as well as download file information, seeds, leeches, trackers etc, of the torrent.

It is a modified version of wfDownload by the wf Team, done over 7 hours of an early morning. Completely tested x-Torrent will allow you to manipulate and maintain your torrent library with easy forms and standardised interface.

I will now work completely with PayPal integration and allows your end clients of your site, to charge for access and material by torrent services. This is useful for a wide range of commercial and business applications, from a MP3 house to a Movie Stand outlet, you can allow people to purchase any digital material via Torrent.

The announce appears from the file You can redirect this at the root with a .htaccess file to something that is shorter.



System Requirements:

Other files by: wishcraft

MyAlbum-p (2012/03/13)
Flowplayer (2012/03/13)
X-REST API (2012/03/13)
UI Tabs (2012/03/13)
Sexy (2012/03/13)
Benchmark (2012/03/13)
Maquee 1.03 (2012/03/13)
XQuiz (2012/03/13)
IRC 1.02 (2011/08/10)
TwitterBomb 1.12 (2011/08/10)
Prochatrooms 7.0 (2011/05/08)
Membership 1.02 (2011/02/06)
Webcams 1.09 (2011/02/04)
Xpayment 1.18 (2011/01/21)
XinCodes 1.02 (2010/12/15)
Profile (Verbose) 1.62 (2010/12/15)
Dates 1.45 (2010/11/08)
X-Center (2010/09/29)

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 x-Torrent 1.47 - 3 Quick Getafix's - RSS Feed

This is a quick fix for the RSS Feed.


//Line 38:-
$download['url'] = XOOPS_URL.'/modules/'.$xoopsModule->dirname().'/visit.php?agree=1&lid='.$myrow['lid'];

You may also like to add guid to it:
//After Line 115:-
<guid><? echo $item['dossier_url']; ?></guid>

This will place a 'read more' to the torrent page rss feed. Now for the final fix a category.. This is a little bit more involved.
//Line 30:-
$result $xoopsDB->query("SELECT a.lid, a.cid, a.title,, a.description, a.hits, b.title as category FROM " 
$xoopsDB->prefix('xtorrent_downloads'). " a INNER JOIN " $xoopsDB->prefix('xtorrent_cat') .
" b ON a.cid = b.cid $pif ORDER BY published DESC "$numitems0);

// Line 38 & 40 Change :-
$download['url'] = XOOPS_URL.'/modules/'.$xoopsModule->dirname().'/visit.php?agree=1&lid='.$myrow['lid'].'&cid='.$myrow['cid'];
$download['dossier_url'] = XOOPS_URL.'/modules/'.$xoopsModule->dirname().'/singlefile.php?lid='.$myrow['lid'].'&cid='.$myrow['cid'];

// Add at line 42 :-
$download['category'] = $myrow['category'];    

//Add after line 117
<category><? echo $item['category']; ?></category>

And that is that for my quick bug fix to the x-torrent feed


 x-Torrent 2.04 - RSS Full Data Patch

At the moment the content is stripped from the RSS Feed for X-Torrent, but if you want you can make this change for a full spectrum of content including smileys, xoopscodes and images and html..


//Change Line 37 - from:
$download['description'] = strip_tags($myts->displayTarea($myrow["description"], 001));        

// Change Line 37 - to:
$download['description'] = htmlspecialchars(htmlspecialchars_decode($myts->displayTarea($myrow["description"], 111)));


 Re: x-Torrent 3.03

whene i am traying to Installing x-Torrents

You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'unsigned NOT NULL default '', port smallint(5) unsigned NOT NULL default '0',' at line 6

Unable to install xtorrent. Error(s):
Back to Module Administration page

i use wamp server on windows xp
apache 2.2.8
php 5.2.6
mysql 5.0.51b

any help please.


 Re: x-Torrent 3.03

Run in some problems
Xoops PHP5 MySQL 4.x
With the 1.47 i had no problems now it is
with the 3.03, when i try to open a catagory in xtorrent pages it gave this error:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function xoops_sef() in /home/xxx/domains/ on line 237

the rest works good, when i click a link it all works only the main catagory link gave this problem

BTW the mirrorlink on this page leads to a older version 1.37


 Re: x-Torrent 3.03

Unfortunately even can't install. And no language files (although they are displayed :) on home website).


 Re: x-Torrent 3.39

Wishcraft do u think auto translation services worth ?
Are they're better then humans ? If so, u are sick man.

Remove Bulgarian language at once, and all others which are translated by Bablevista or Google Translator or whatever u're using.

Such release is a joke to the community.
U think, if u have over 20 languages within the module, u're work will be preferred, and how u will describe that u have translations which are not present for the core XOOPS, XOOPS Cube or Impress.

There should be some rules about this, otherwise anarchy from Mithrandir time will return.


 Re: x-Torrent 3.39

Well no they are not better than humans, but I haven't received enough donations to pay someone like SBS translation services to do a proper file translation by hand. This is not directed at yourself as i know you contribute quiet vastly)


 Re: x-Torrent 3.39

Remove all automated translations !
There are over 20 official and unofficial dedicated local supporters, to do that job.

With such translations, I will not get at least one bulagarian fan of DJ's XOOPS 2.3.


 Re: x-Torrent 3.39

won't install with XOOPS 2.4.3 unfortunately


 Re: x-Torrent 3.39

Cheffry, this is not helpful.

Why doesn't it install? What does the debug say? What are the errors?




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