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Contact Forms

Contact Forms



Liaise is a module for XOOPS offers widely customizable contact forms. Liaise generates different kind of form elements e.g. text areas, check boxes for webmasters to create their "Contact Us" forms by desire. Submitted information can be sent by email or through the private message system of XOOPS, and received by selected user group.

If you run Xoops or lower than use Liaise 1.21!

  • - Unlimited contact forms for different groups of users and receivers.
    - Customizable form elements include text boxes, text area, selection boxes, radio buttons and check boxes.
    - Toggle the visibility and display order of the forms and elements on the fly.
    - Information submits through email or private message.
    - Submitted information received by a specific group of users.
    - Use of Smarty templates.

System Requirements:
  • Xoops or higher

Submitter: Bender
Publisher: Tuff @
Released: 2005/01/24

Version: 1.27
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Price: Free | Platform: 2.5 | License: Sun Solaris Source Code (Foundation Release) License (v. 1.1) | Limitations: None

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