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This is a Popup Chat modules for XOOPS2.

1.Open a pop window for chat. You can operate XOOPS separately.
2.Call from chat window with private message.
3.Leave bihind and call anybody a recent message with marquee block in XOOPS top menu.
4.Event notification supported. You can get a notice via email.
5.Replaceable user name to real name.


(revision update are unneccecsally)

Edit a config.php, if you want modify.

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System Requirements:

    Download History:
    v0.00 2004/11/13 Alpha release.
    v0.01 2004/11/17 Log and Input are divide to Flame. Add French by Outch.
    v0.02 2004/11/26 Add Who's Online and send Private Message from chat window.
    v0.03 2005/01/10 Add Marquee,Admin menu,SQL Table. Delete log folder.
    rev.a 2005/01/11 Bugix for auto link and single quotation. fix multi-language.
    rev.b 2005/01/11 Bugix for MySQL install error of some version of MySQL. change prameter name in modinfo.php.
    v0.04 2005/01/18 Add Event Notification. Add a parameter of replace user name to real name.
    rev.a 2005/01/29 Fix about the form collapses when the pop window opened was corrected.
    rev.b 2005/01/30 Update a French language by Outch.
    rev.c 2005/01/31 Bugfix about double display chat message to single.
    rev.d 2005/02/28 Bugfix about it couldn't use a slash char.
    rev.e 2005/03/04 Bugfix about notification.
    v0.10 2006/01/18 Beta release. Supoorted AJAX JavaScript http protocol.

    Submitter: dashbord
    Publisher: Y.Sakai
    Updated On: 2006/01/19

    Version: 0.14
    Release Status: 
    Downloads: 16644
    File Size: 3.91 Kb
    Home Page: Bluemoon inc.

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    Modem(56k) : 0.63s
    ISDN(64k) : 0.56s
    DSL(768k) : 0.05s
    LAN(10M) : 0.00s
    Price: Free | Platform: 2.0.x | License: Sun Solaris Source Code (Foundation Release) License (v. 1.1) | Limitations: None

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