[img align=left]http://www.chronolabs.org.au/uploads/smartsection/images/item/logo.gif[/url]This is a simple graphing system for system visits and usage, it will be extended further in the future but I hope you like this simple graph. You will need to add the block to the pages you want it to track the usage on.

With XOOPS Usage Graph you can follow the progress of your Xoops Usage with visits and click with this useful tool. This module requires the XOOPS Framework version of 1.35. This also tracks is integrity which should never drop below 100% unless you have some form of paranormal activities happening within your domain which in this graphs early stages of deployment we even noticed there was in our system.

This will display a graph over your selection of hours which will show you the user usage of your system. There is also multiple levels of Quarantine Tiers, you can expand this at your own means.


System Requirements:

Other files by: wishcraft

MyAlbum-p (2012/03/13)
Flowplayer (2012/03/13)
X-REST API (2012/03/13)
UI Tabs (2012/03/13)
Sexy (2012/03/13)
Benchmark (2012/03/13)
Maquee 1.03 (2012/03/13)
XQuiz (2012/03/13)
IRC 1.02 (2011/08/10)
TwitterBomb 1.12 (2011/08/10)
Prochatrooms 7.0 (2011/05/08)
Membership 1.02 (2011/02/06)
Webcams 1.09 (2011/02/04)
Xpayment 1.18 (2011/01/21)
XinCodes 1.02 (2010/12/15)
Profile (Verbose) 1.62 (2010/12/15)
Dates 1.45 (2010/11/08)
X-Center (2010/09/29)

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 Re: Dr. Usage

I'll test then get back to you. It would be great to have a similar module whereby I can enter data and have choice to display bar charts, graphs, etc. For example stats for an election or competition.

What do you think.




 Re: Dr. Usage

It did not work with me on XOOPS 2.3


 Re: Dr. Usage

Did you update to the latest Frameworks you are probably still using Frameworks 1.20, this requires frameworks 1.35.. But i will give it a quick test on policybackup.com and see if it was either an incorrect method of Natural Language Ingestion (Reading) or something strange in our XOOPS Abstraction Layer.

You can get Frameworks 1.35 from here there is a direct download or a Torrent..


 Re: Dr. Usage

There is some unusual error that occurs on some systems when something comes in and tries to mix up all the MySQL Data... I was talking to Phppp down the phone today and for some reason at my chronolabs usage graph when from displaying 10 hours to 32 hours... Which is unusual usage.

The fix:

Line 7 of - usagegraph-line.php in the graphing folder should read with an order by `hour` statement like so

$sql "select distinct `ip`, `hour` from ".$xoopsDB->prefix("usage")." where date > ".(time()-(10*3600))." order by `hour`";


 Re: Dr. Usage

Hi.. I'm running 2.3 RC2 with your latest Framework from your download site. Unfortunately, I also encounter the same problem.
There is only module prefs that can be seen, all the other parts are gone. In thAdmin under modules there is no DrUsage and clicking on the DrUsage page from the main site (clientsite) just give a cannot find this page error.

When I first encountered the problem, I came across your previous post and installed your latest framework (1.35). After installing I did get to see your page in thAdmin, but all with error. Second time trying all option were gone again.

Any idea's?
Its a pretty fresh install.
A theme
Oledrion shop
AMS 2.51a Final
ExctGall... latest.

Here's a link to the site : The website.
If you add /modules/usage you will see the error.


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 Re: Dr. Usage

Hi wishcraft I sent you a PM.



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