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Full statistics for XOOPS.

Via the module page, it displays statistics on:
Yearly Hits
Operating Systems
Miscellaneous Stats (i.e. web links, gallery images, users online, etc.)
Hit Details: by year, month, day, hour.
Referers: by days and hours

Via blocks, it displays:
Site hits
Top referers
Top refer hits

Via admin, it displays:
Screen width/color depth info
List of referers
List of remote IP addresses
(For your server) PHP info, credits, configuration, modules, environment, variables, license, complete info


    System Requirements:

      Submitter: kavaXtreme
      Released: 2005/03/01

      Version: 0.60
      Release Status: 
      Downloads: 22878
      File Size: 212.89 Kb
      Home Page: IBDeeming

      Rating:   (7 Votes)

      Reviews:  (1)

      Mirrors Available: 0

      Download Times:
      Modem(56k) : 35s
      ISDN(64k) : 30s
      DSL(768k) : 3s
      LAN(10M) : 0.19s
      Price: Free | Platform: 2.0.x | License: Sun Solaris Source Code (Foundation Release) License (v. 1.1) | Limitations: None

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      • Just popping in

       Re: XOOP-Stats

      how do i get statistics to show hits

      • Just popping in

       Re: Statistics

      I did install this module..but the problem is the hits not working..any solution to this?

      • Just popping in

       Re: Statistics

      1. The Script is very old so it may not work on newer Xoops 2. you have to add the code to your footer. the code and instructions should be in the directory.

      • Quite a regular
      • Friend of XOOPS
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