piCal 0.76

piCal is an independent calendar class of php.

piCal is also a powerful calendar module for Xoops2.
This module can generate iCalendar data dynamically,
and can import via http or from a local file.

And piCal also has a little functions of group-ware.
Of course, this module has enough calendar feature,
eg) 4 type of view -Daily,Weekly,Monthly,Yearly- .

This archive contains English, Japanese,
Germany, Spanish, French, Dutch, Russian, Tchinese, Swedish, Portuguese and
BrasilPortuguese language files.


v.076 (2005-4-22)
- fixed the field type of timezones
- modified the button for jscalendar (thx Greg)
- modified english language files (thx Peter)
- added UK locale (thx Kelvin)
- added Western Australian Public Holidays locale (thx Steve)
- added a plugin for waiting module
- added commentAny optimization
- modified to work with the latest search module
- modified to include the big classes once at most (thx nobu)
- fixed missing sanitize category's name
- fixed rss2_*.php (thx okuhiki)
- added a block "minical_ex"
- added plugin system
-- news
-- myAlbum-P (Duplicatable)
-- eguide (http://mysite.ddo.jp/modules/mydownloads/singlefile.php?lid=8)
-- mydownloads
-- mylinks
-- piCal (rename plugins/mohthly/piCal.php if you use it in the other name)

v.075 (2005-2-11)
- added returning context with search module
- modified working with commentAny module
- added a better plugin for sitemap module
- fixed admin/index.php as Duplicatable

v.074a (2005-01-16)
- added a plugin for sitemap

v.074 (2005-01-10)
- fixed sanitizing description in RSS feed
- updated holidays for USA
- updated italian language files (thx cubiq)

v.073 security fixes (2005-01-07)
- added ticket system
- fixed a XSS in admin section (thx okuhiki)
- added feeding RSS2 (rss2_coming.php,rss2_today.php)
- added locales (locale is separated from language)
- added displaying holiday's name
- added a feature of block cloning into *'s schedule blocks
- added an option selecting category into *'s schdule blocks
- added an option until days into *'s schdule blocks
- modified the options of max items as block's options
- updated myblocksadmin 0.23 & mymenu 0.08

v.072 (2004-11-09)
- modified which it force changing "follow" to "nofollow" of xoops_meta_robots

v.071 (2004-10-18)
- fixed a typo in blocks/pical_new_event.php (thx kuropen)

v.070 (2004-10-5)
- implemented DUPLICATABLE V2
- fixed some typos
- divided versions 0.7x (developping) and 0.6x (stable)


System Requirements:

Other files by: elvir

Stockbox (2004/09/24)

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