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OpenID Module enables users to login to Xoops and Xoopscube sites with their OpenID.
Once successfully authenticated to an OpenID Provider such as Yahoo!, AOL etc., users are asked whether s/he has an existing account at the site to link the OpenID to that account or create a new one.
Supports OpenID 2.0 and thus, XRDS, XRI, etc. Also, it supports sreg so if the OpenID Provider supports it, it can populate the Xoops users table as well.
Tested against Yahoo!, Linksafe, 2idi, Sxipper, etc.

OpenID RP Module for Xoops JP.
Author: Nat Sakimura (=nat)
Date: 2008-02-10
Copyright: Nat Sakimura (=nat)
License: GPL
Version: 0.2
PHP OpenID Library: php-openid-2.0.0


1. Unarchive the files under modules/ directory.
2. Define XOOPS_TRUST_PATH somewhere out of the web accessible path
in mainfile.php
3. Create a foloder "_php_consumer" under XOOPS_TRUST_PATH and
change the permission so that it will be writable by the web server.
4. Install the module like other modules.
(For XoopsCube, install the block as well.)
5. Give access permission to guest group for this module.
6. Install block for all the modules.


1. Create Admin Panel for easy maintenance of the OpenIDs.
2. Make 5 and 6 above automagic.
3. Clean up the code
4. Replace Dummy Admin screens to real ones.
5. Test on PHP 4.x. It has been only tested on PHP 5.2
? Let me know if someone try on 4.x.
6. Make sreg parameters specifiable through admin screen.
7. sreg policy.

  • OpenID RP

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    0.2 to 0.22 Fixed a potential SQL injection BUG.

    Submitter: sakimura
    Publisher: =nat
    Updated On: 2008/04/10

    Version: 0.22
    Release Status: 
    Downloads: 2508
    File Size: 449.44 Kb
    Home Page: =nat

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    Download Times:
    Modem(56k) : 1.2min
    ISDN(64k) : 1.1min
    DSL(768k) : 5s
    LAN(10M) : 0.41s
    Price: Free | Platform: 2.0.x | License: GNU General Public License (GPL) (v. 2.0) | Limitations: None

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    Other files by: sakimura

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    • Theme Designer

     Re: OpenID Module ver.0.22

    please upload again files of this module

    • Just popping in

     Re: OpenID Module ver.0.22

    Hi voltan, you can try another file : in the file adress, change the 0.22 to previous version 0.2, it works. The filename is "openid-0.2.tar.gz". The 0.22 ver seems to not be available.

    • Just popping in

     Re: OpenID Module ver.0.22

    Fixed the link. Sorry for that.

    If you have downloaded 0.2 already, it is faster and easier to download the patch at

    • Just popping in

     Re: OpenID Module ver.0.22

    some problems please help xoops2.0.18 :
    msg: OpenID authentication failed: return_to does not match return URL. Expected, got ... 05-16T15%3A08%3A51ZYfmcVC

    [janrain_nonce] => 2009-05-16T15:08:51ZYfmcVC
    [openid_assoc_handle] => dGVtcHByaXZhdGVfdGVtcHByaXZhdGVfMTI0MjQ5MDEzNV9NakF3T1Mwd05TMHhObFF4TlRvd09EbzFOVnBPUkdjMVRYcFZNRTU2V1RFPV9IUFlSZ0Q5am9NQU5IVUVmRmhNRWtqdzdUamc9
    [openid_claimed_id] =>
    [openid_identity] =>
    [openid_mode] => id_res
    [openid_op_endpoint] =>
    [openid_response_nonce] => 2009-05-16T15:08:55ZNDg5MzU0NzY1
    [openid_return_to] => ... 05-16T15%3A08%3A51ZYfmcVC
    [openid_sreg_fullname] => xxx xxxxx
    [openid_sreg_nickname] => Erik
    [openid_signed] => assoc_handle,claimed_id,identity,mode,op_endpoint,response_nonce,return_to,sreg.fullname,sreg.nickname,signed
    [openid_ns] =>
    [openid_ns_sreg] =>
    [openid_sig] => oaFK7RGDa/fFfF2l1pKpL+PPEsU=
    [PHPSESSID] => 3h1u7qep95iaru0fp65jq3k6k5

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