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This module is based on isearch 1.6 from instantzero and Hervet(

I have added some hacks that I have noticed along the xoops forums such as

- Search page.
- Ajax block with autocomplete feature (based on previous searches).
- Option to choose results per page.
- Option to show total number of results found.

All isearch logging features remain intact.


    System Requirements:
    • XOOPS 2.5.5

    Submitter: trabis
    Publisher: Xuups
    Updated On: 2013/01/23

    Version: 1.21
    Release Status: 
    Downloads: 2551
    File Size: 195.57 Kb
    Home Page: Xuups

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    Download Times:
    Modem(56k) : 32s
    ISDN(64k) : 28s
    DSL(768k) : 2s
    LAN(10M) : 0.18s
    Price: Free | Platform: 2.5 | License: GNU General Public License (GPL) (v. 2.0) | Limitations: None

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    • Quite a regular

     Re: My Search

    Please, see this Post

    Thanks !!!

    • Not too shy to talk

     Re: My Search - - query did not work in smartfaq -


    I am using this module for my site - I can see result of search with " - query did not work in smartfaq"

    Could you tell me how to fix it?

    Thanks in advance

    • Just can't stay away

     Re: My Search - - query did not work in smartfaq -

    try this mate.. ... id=291549#forumpost291549

    • Not too shy to talk

     Re: My Search - - query did not work in smartfaq -

    Thanks, I got it

    • Just popping in

     Re: My Search - - query did not work in smartfaq -

    is it possible to exclude some tables from the database.

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