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Once installed, the module will record every searches made by users.

The module's got a public interface and a private interface.

On the public side you will see the last (x) keywords (if you have enabled it in the module's preferences)

In the admin's part of your website, you can see 3 tabs :
- Statistics
--- Searched words by day
--- Most searched words
--- Biggest users of the search
--- Daily statistics

- Prune
--- Where you can remove keywords entered before a date or remove by keyword.

- Export
--- You can export (in a text file) datas between dates, for some users and limited to a keyword.
This is usefull to treat you keywords in Excel or in Calc.

You can also use some blocks to see the most searched words, the biggest users of the search, the most searched words etc.

Notes :
- The module was succesfully tested with Xoops and with Xoops 2.2.3
- If you want to record anonymous searches, don't forget to give them the right to use the module.


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