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Further update of the original XoopsPoll module.

Added features (compared to 1.3):
+ Log of votes fore each poll available in admin section
+ No. of comments incl. link to them available in block (if comments enabled)
+ No. of total votes available in block
+ Poll description on the voting and results pages
+ Redirect back to original page after vote if voting from block, otherwise redirect to results page

- Removal of links to vote on index and results pages if a user has already voted

If upgrading from 1.3, just copy over original files and update module.
If upgrading from version 1.2 or earlier, please uninstall original version of XoopsPoll and make a fresh install.


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      Submitter: Mazarin
      Released: 2013/01/03

      Version: 1.33
      Release Status: None
      Downloads: 5506
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      Price: Free | Platform: 2.5.5 | License: GNU General Public License (GPL) (v. 2.0) | Limitations: None

      XOOPS Web Application System User Reviews

      Other files by: Mazarin
      TS-My Startup Page (2010/02/05)
      Mastop Publish (2010/02/02)
      MultiMenu (2010/02/02)

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      • Not too shy to talk

       Re: XoopsPoll

      I just did a fresh install of XoopsPoll and have the default Poll listed on my site, but the buttons say "_PL_VOTE" and "_PL_RESULTS".

      language/english/main.php has the following values defined:


      Why aren't these values showing up on the buttons?


      - b -

      • Moderator

       Re: XoopsPoll

      You can try to test the upcoming 1.40:

      Author Thread