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Petitions on line multilanguages module developed to function with the hack Smartfactory Multilanguages. The forms can be accompanied by an image CAPTCHA to avoid the spams.

You can create petitions as many as wish it to you.

Each petition can have 3 statutes:
* Active (the petition can be signed if the date of starting is not higher than the current date)
* Offline (the petition is not visible and cannot be signed)
* Archived (the petition is visible and consultable but cannot be signed)

A help is present on each page of the admin to help you with the various possible options.

The module has a style sheet which you can modify according to your graphic charters.

  • [admin]Creation of petitions (table of the signatures, titles, description, email of answer, statute, date of starting, associated paper document)
  • [admin]Modification and removal of petitions
  • [admin]Visualization of the signatures
  • [admin]Extraction of the signatures to the csv format
  • [admin]Revival of the signatories who did not confirm their signature
  • [admin]manual Recording of signatures (signature by paper document)
  • [admin]Removal of signatures
  • [admin]Preferences with multiple choices
  • [admin]Blocks with preferences (last signatures, active petitions, filed petitions)
  • [customer]Bar of navigation in the petitions (skeletal)
  • [customer]Reception of the module with recapitulation of the petitions and numbers of signatures associated (skeletal)
  • [customer]Reception with a petition with description and bars dynamic (variable parameters: downloadable associated document, to send to a friend (yes or not))
  • [customer]Send to a friend: form with image captcha if activated and dynamic when the fields are filled
  • [customer]Signature: form with image captcha if activated and controls address email by script (5 levels of control - to see function)
  • [customer]Creation of a key MD5 (15 positions) for the validation of the signatures
  • [customer]Visualization of all the signatories or alphabetically

System Requirements:

    Download History:
    2008/02/17: Release 0.18RC2
    Correction made on the name of the session of captcha way back into conflict with other captcha already embedded in other xoops modules.

    Submitter: christian
    Publisher: Informatux
    Updated On: 2010/07/15

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