This little module has a single purpose: to help you build in your site an editorial column section, where you can manage the columns and articles published in an ordered fashion.

It uses Smarty templates, can take comments, it's fully searchable, includes notification options, and lets users rate the articles as well as send private messages to the authors. Also, you can decide which groups of users see what specific columns


System Requirements:

Other files by: Mamba

DH-Info (2014/04/08)
XoopsHeadline (2013/02/04)
XoopsTube (2013/02/04)
xForms (2013/02/04)
TDMDownloads (2013/02/04)
Obituaries (2013/02/04)
Defacer (2013/02/04)
Backup (2013/02/04)
Google Maps (2013/01/04)
Tag (2013/01/04)
Mastop 2Go (2013/01/04)
MyMenus (2013/01/03)
Birthday (2013/01/03)
Group Manager (2010/01/19)
DokuWiki (2008/12/08)
Auth (2008/07/02)
Sudoku (2008/06/30)
XOOPS Roster (2008/06/30)
MeteoMedia (2008/06/30)
MP Manager (2008/06/30)

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 Re: Soapbox

Looks very nice! I am going to use it as a blog on my site.

Problem however is when i place an image like so

<img style="blabla" scr="blabla" />

it doesn't work. For some reason he changes the code in

<img style=backslash"blablabackslash" scr=backslash'blablabackslash' />
( '\' doesn't display so i'm writing in letters)

so in fact he can't handel ""


works perfect

but when i am using


it is just displayed with the code tags..

anyone a idea? or experiencing something the same?


 Re: Soapbox

I'll look into it.

Please post this and any other issues/problems in the Forums Troubleshooting section



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