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With this Xoops module, you can create an unlimited count of news on your site. You can create all the articles you want and attach them to topics.
With a very powerfull permissions management, you can create groups authorized to submit articles and a group authorized to approve them and decide who can see what.
This module is compatible with Php 5.

Short feature list:
- The module respects, everywhere, ALL the permissions.
- A new page "News by the same author"
- Two new links are availables for the article's page, "Previous article" and "Next article"
- You can also add a "Summary table"
- Possibility to rate news
- Authors can edit their posts
- New RSS feeds per topic
> The topics manager has been completly rewrited
> It's now possible to include topics as sub-menus of the main menu
> You can use the Spotlight in two blocs ("Top news" & "Recent Articles") You can even select between a classical view and a tabbed view
> You can set a description for each topic
> For each topic you can select if you want to see it on the front page or not.
> The topics titles are longer (255 characters)
> From the admin part of your site, you can remove (prune) news
> You can export news to the xml format
> When editing or creating a new article, Approvers and Administrators can modify and select the author
> According to a module's option, you can ask the approvers to enter the meta keywords and description for each article
> The block to navigate thru topics has a new option to show the number of news per topic.
> You can use a new block, "random news", all is in the title.
> You can use the module to create a newsletter's content.
> You can see (from the admin panel) some statistics about your topics, news and authors.
> You can assign a color to each topic
> Your visitors can now see your articles in pdf
> You can select the editor to use (dhtml area, spaw, fck editor, htmlarea, simple text area and kiovi)
> A new module's option enable you to highlight (in the articles) the words used in the Xoops search.
> You can use tooltips in your links and title. They contain the first (x) characters of your news.
> For your visitors who are using Mozilla, Firefox and Opera, you can create the content of the site navigation's bar

Changelog for 1.44
> For security reasons, I have removed the Xoops version from the printed version of an article
> I have corrected an error in the block called "Navigate thru topics", the number of news was false, it was counting expired articles (thank you Solo71)
> I have modified the backend.php script so that it uses every news (not only those who are described to be only visible on the homepage)
> The four tables visibles in the module's admin and containing news will now use a pagenav
> I have removed all the htmlentities for multibytes languages
> The number of sql queries of the "top news" and "recent news" blocks was reduced
> There was a minor problem in the pdf generated from a news with its topic's title
> There was a bug when you was editing a news from the admin site (thanks you jlz78)
> I have reduced the count of sql queries in the module's index page
> I have corrected a bug in the option "Enable authors to edit their posts"

  • Manage topics and sub-topics
  • Create strict permissions (who can read, who can publish, who can approve)
  • Possibility to validate articles by some users groups
  • You can emphasize you content with some blocks
  • Possibility to read articles in RSS feeds
  • Use automated articles and expired articles
  • Integrated search
  • Various statistics for the module's administrator
  • Option to add advertising to your articles
  • Documentation (in French for this moment)
  • Multi pages articles with a personalized title for each page
  • Possibility to use Dublin Core Metadata
  • Possibility to use FireFox 2 micro summaries
  • Social bookmarking on Web 2 sites like,, yahoo search
  • Link to the previous and next article (and a summary table)
  • Use an integrated alert system (for example when an article is published)
  • Several blocks

System Requirements:

    Download History:
    Latest version 1.66 updated by Trabis

    Submitter: kavaXtreme
    Updated On: 2007/10/06

    Version: 1.66
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    DSL(768k) : 1.6min
    LAN(10M) : 7s
    Price: Free | Platform: 2.0.x | License: Sun Solaris Source Code (Foundation Release) License (v. 1.1) | Limitations: None

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