This is my version of x_movie that I've been working on. I don't know what happened to the original writer of this module so I decided to work on this module myself.

This module has additional features, one being the ability to stream divx movies from stage6 or your local server.

This module also gives you the ability to add the dimensions of the video while at the same time setting a default max size and width you want to display. The video will be automatically resized if it goes past the max width.

For those of you that embed video from you local server you will need to create the embedding code. You can find examples on any YouTube or Stage6 site. You only need everything that is contained in the <embed> tag. Everything else is not needed.

If you do an upgrade, please compare the x_movie and x_movie_mod tables with the tables in the sql file. If you don't see height and width in your table please add them. This is not necessary if you are doing a clean install)

Please post all comments about errors here so I can fix them.

---- Download History

• Download History:
- Added ability to allow/deny registered users post access
- Fixed Upload of movie issue
- Fixed mpeg movies not playing

- Changed the way random and latest videos with thumbnails displays. Clicking on the movie thumbnail will now open the page on the site instead of opening a new page.

• Version: 2.6 Updated: Thu, 23-Aug-2007

- Fixed URL formatting for Divx links
- Fixed the way video's are resized to meet max resolution
- Added getID3 support
- Uploaded files, links and URL that are not in shockwave or quicktime format will try to be parsed for their attributes. (ex. width, height, time, bitrate)
- Added the ability to set the width and height attributes in the modify menu
- x_movie will now try and retrieve the thumnail of divx links and embedded code
- embedded code is now parsed for their size and width
- Added Divx support logo

• Version: 2.6 Updated: Fri, 24-Aug-2007

- Added admin main index menu
- Added php.ini information:
GD Library Support:
GD Library Version:
Safe Mode Status:
Register Globals:
Server Uploads Status:
Max Upload Size Permitted:
Max Post Size Permitted:
Max Time for running scripts:

• Version: 2.6 Updated: Mon, 12-Nov-2007

- Fixed Submission Form
- Fixed Parsing of YouTube URL Links

• Version: 2.54 Updated: Thu, 22-Nov-2007

- Made module more compatible with language packs
- Added Divx Logo
- Fixed Divx Icon not appearing near Divx movies
- Added support for Veoh website.

For Veoh thumbnails, you will need to right click on the thumbnail and copy the Image location then past it into the Image Url field.

• Version: 2.65 Updated: Thu, 31-Jan-2008

- Fixed File upload size restriction
- Misc Bug fixes.

• Version: 2.70 Updated: Tue, 11-Nov-2008

- Added Shadowbox 2.0 as the player for movies.
- Removed deprecated classes and cleaned up some coding errors.
- Updated to Xoops 2.3.1 standard.
- Changed the look and feel of the admin section.
- Made templates more css friendly.
- Replaced x_movie reference with Xoops Module Directory variable.

• Version: 2.71 Updated: Mon, 24-Nov-2008

- Fixed user submission form
- Fixed link for blocks to go to correct location
- Fixed navigation on viewcat.php
- Added image and upload path stats to main admin page

• Version: 2.80 Updated: Sun, 04-Jan-2009

- Added Featured Movie Block
- Replaced banner add
- Added the ability to used different banner on each movie
- Submit Video link will is now hidden if Anonymous post is set to no
- Added ability to set movie upload, image upload and banner paths
- Changed the look of movie view template.

Note: At the time of this update, latested version of divx web player crashes browser when playing movies. You can download the previous version of divx web player known to work from my download section.

Note: Xoops updater does not update your database with new tables. You must modify your database table x_movie and add the following fields after 'size':
Field Type Default
banner text '' (blank)
bannerlink text '' (blank)

• Version: 2.81 Updated: Mon, 05-Jan-2009

- Added RSS Feed

• Version: 3.0 Updated: Wed, 20-May-2009

- Fixed user submission form
- Fixed problem with Featured Movie block not playing flv movies
- Added Import Export tool
- Added RSS Feed
- Rewrote Submit functions
- Added FFMPEG Support for local videos
- External thumbnail urls can now be stored locally

• Version: 3.0 Updated: Wed, 20-May-2009

- Fixed Featured Movie not displaying the correct thumbnail size
- Fixed CSS issue on Submit page


System Requirements:

Other files by: Burning

Lexikon (2010/02/21)

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