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inTHEtube - a YouTube video search Module


inTHEtube is a tiny (zipped in less then 34kb zip file) - but very colorful module to your xoops site, letting you add YouTube search and/or custum-keywords videos to your site.
Search results from youTube are presented as thumbnails in your site and also the real-size videos are presented in your site (future version will let you choose if to embed the movies in your site or lead to the video @ YouTube.

inTHEtube is great for spicing up your sites
Adding colors and movements ...

  • you can choose as much keywords as you want, each keyword with the number of videos you want it to show is defined in the admin side and presented at the user side (scroll-down menu with the the keywords).
  • you can choose which keyword(s) will be the default and it's videos will be shown in the first module page.
  • You can choose it to show search box or not (at the admin)
  • You can choose if to show custum keywords or not (in the fron-end side).
  • You can call the module with a url - means other modules can wake the inTHEtube from withing .... .
  • you can limit the results to your YouTube account only (see the code below, will be @ the admin in future versions).
  • Thumbnails are pulling the "alt" and "title" of the movie from youtube.
  • Search is AJAX based with no reaload of your page.
  • When making a new search, a new results line is apearing without deleting your last search.
  • 3 blocks: keywords jump box , keywords links , video animated thumbnails (with block options to control behaviour and look)

System Requirements:
  • xoops 2.0.x or 2.2.x

Download History:
version 0.9.4:
Added one important block:
Watch Youtube Videos
The block let you put the thumbnails anywhere you want in your site
from the block admin you can choose the folowing:
- How many videos to show
- Choose keyword to show
- Show only from specific Youtube account? (Yes/No)
- Write the youtube account number
- Show videos inline (Yes/No)
(If not inline, clicking the thumbnails will lead to the video in YouTube)
- Define how your inline video 'Close div' will look:
Close line background + Close line text color

In addition, a new language file for the blocks lang vars was added, this is the first step for removing all hardcoded laguage into the lang files.
In the next version all hardcoded language will turn into lang files for easy translation.

version 0.9.3:
Added first 2 blocks:
- keywords jumpbox
- keywords links list

version 0.9.2:
Added help file (admin).
Added sanitation for 2 vars

version 0.9.1:
Added titles of the movies in thumbnails.
Language has been cleaned a bit.
Added instructions of how to limit results to your youtube account (readme file)
Added instructions of how to lead results to youtube instead of opening in your site (overlay) (readme file)

version 0.9.0:
First realease.
The module code is still a bit masssy and should be cleaned.
Most of the language vars are hardcoded.
Still no blocks.
[b]Still - it's ready for production/[b], so it better serve the one that need a little spice for their site.

Submitter: tzvook
Publisher: Tzvook
Released: 2008/04/23

Version: 0.9.4
Release Status: 
Downloads: 2549
File Size: 34 B

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Price: Free | Platform: 2.0.x | License: Creative Commons Licenses | Limitations: None

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  • Just can't stay away

 Re: inTHEtube - a YouTube video search Module

Our server has raid controller failure and due to a holiday in Israel, it will be fixed just Sun.
A tmp link for download is: here

  • Just popping in

 Re: inTHEtube - a YouTube video search Module

i already installed inthetube. Thanks for the great modules. But i have a few question.

1- How to make the video result to be appeared in "align --> center"? Especially in the default keywords result.

2- I think it is good if movie that open in overlay will move together when we scroll down instead of fixed at the top of the page.

  • Just popping in

 Re: inTHEtube - a YouTube video search Module

i've installed this module..thanks a lot for sharing..good work

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