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Book Lists 0.8


I wanted to use the LINK module in XOOPS to display a recommended booklist wich show cover shot of the book, and recommend users of my site to online bookstore such as Amazon or BN.

Using the LINK to cover both books and URL is too cumbersome, and I lose the ability to show a BOOK LISTS item on the menu.

I have asked for a similar module, or the possibility of cloning one. Someone suggested I look into it myself, and this is the result of that.

Like I said, it is basically the same as LINK, but modified to store the book title in a separte database, and will now accept book titles recommedation, In place of the "Screenshots" in LINK, you can show the book cover shots.

Have fun using. I don't intend to support this (since I am not really a coder), but if you find typo errors, I will be happy to correct them.


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      Submitter: Anonymous
      Released: 2004/04/28

      Version: 0.8
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