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Xmail allows to send formated messages to user groups and admins to complement the send messages system in Xoops. It also allow you to pre-format messages following the xoops format patterns.

This module was completely based and optimized following the code pattern in Xoops Kernel. It was created to use Smarty Templates and can be installed in any xoops 2.0.5 or up.

All the sent messages are stored in the database, and then it is possible to automate the notices to the content team or to the administration team. With additional functions Xmail also accept special variables to personalize your messages. It is possible to insert images from the images data bank.

There are several criteria for group selection to receive messages, for example user group, last login, register date, and these can be combined. It's good to remember that the user receive e-mail configuration in the profile are obeyed, then only the users which allowed the mail receiving will receive the Xmail messages by e-mail and the rest will receive by private message.

Another functions:
Sent Messages Log
Allow the addition of new messages by regular users, with administrator approval
Administrator can control the sending of messages and configure to automatic approval
Sending of messages in packages to prevent server overload
Attach files to the messages with control of size and formats

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      Submitter: Anonymous
      Released: 2004/04/28

      Version: 1.10
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       Re: XMAIL 1.10

      Has anyone tested this with XOOPS 2.3?

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