WordPress is the most popular PHP based blog software — Semantic Personal Publishing Platform. XOOPS is the most secure, powerful, flexible and easy-to-use Content Management System. Combining WordPress and XOOPS, now you have XPressMe!

XPressMe, WordPress for XOOPS, a beautiful integration of blog and CMS.

1 fully takes adavantage of plugin features from WordPress and hack is made on a minmum level, with only ten files changed. Allows compatibility of new version for XOOPS and/or WordPress
2 Two styles of interface available for users, selectable on-fly — XOOPS style and WordPress style. WP style makes XPress like a stand alone WP.
3 Encoding charset is selectable on INSTALL, XOOPS _CHARSET or WordPress original blog charset.
4 WordPress existing plugins still work


System Requirements:

Other files by: phppp

CBB (newbb) 3.0.8 (2007/12/08)
Article (2007/12/08)
Planet (2006/01/06)
Digest (2006/01/06)
XMline (2006/01/06)

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 Re: XPress (WordPress for XOOPS) 2.03

Will this module be updated for the latest XOOPS version, or is that not necessary?

I am about to set up a new XOOPS site, and have used this module in the past.


 Re: XPress (WordPress for XOOPS) 2.03

hi, Trabis is working on an updated version. Not sure what he is up to with his dev. on the mod.


 Re: XPress (WordPress for XOOPS) 2.03

you can try xpress 2.011 by novasmart



 Re: XPress (WordPress for XOOPS) 2.03

I tried to install that module in my page and after the upload of the directory CLASS
(I ordered to overwrite) appeared this error

Fatal error: Call to undefined method XoopsErrorHandler::getinstance() in /***/include/common.php on line 39

How can I solve this?

My system

phpMyAdmim - 2.11.6-rc1
MySQL 5.0.45
XoopsCelepar (2.2.4)


 Re: XPress (WordPress for XOOPS) 2.03

In the file commomon.php on line 39 has this


// ############## Activate error handler ############## include_once XOOPS_ROOT_PATH . '/class/errorhandler.php'; $xoopsErrorHandler =& XoopsErrorHandler::getInstance(); // Turn on error handler by default (until config value obtained from DB) $xoopsErrorHandler->activate(true); define("XOOPS_SIDEBLOCK_LEFT",0); define("XOOPS_SIDEBLOCK_RIGHT",1); define("XOOPS_SIDEBLOCK_BOTH",2); define("XOOPS_CENTERBLOCK_LEFT",3); define("XOOPS_CENTERBLOCK_RIGHT",4); define("XOOPS_CENTERBLOCK_CENTER",5); define("XOOPS_CENTERBLOCK_ALL",6); define("XOOPS_BLOCK_INVISIBLE",0); define("XOOPS_BLOCK_VISIBLE",1); define("XOOPS_MATCH_START",0); define("XOOPS_MATCH_END",1); define("XOOPS_MATCH_EQUAL",2); define("XOOPS_MATCH_CONTAIN",3); define("SMARTY_DIR", XOOPS_ROOT_PATH."/class/smarty/"); // define("XOOPS_CACHE_PATH", XOOPS_ROOT_PATH."/cache"); // define("XOOPS_UPLOAD_PATH", XOOPS_ROOT_PATH."/uploads"); // define("XOOPS_THEME_PATH", XOOPS_ROOT_PATH."/themes"); // define("XOOPS_COMPILE_PATH", XOOPS_ROOT_PATH."/templates_c"); // define("XOOPS_THEME_URL", XOOPS_URL."/themes"); // define("XOOPS_UPLOAD_URL", XOOPS_URL."/uploads"); set_magic_quotes_runtime(0); include_once XOOPS_ROOT_PATH.'/class/logger.php'; $xoopsLogger =& XoopsLogger::instance(); $xoopsLogger->startTime(); if (!defined('XOOPS_XMLRPC')) { define('XOOPS_DB_CHKREF', 1); } else { define('XOOPS_DB_CHKREF', 0); } // ############## Include common functions file ##############


 Re: XPress (WordPress for XOOPS) 2.03

Did you try xpressme allready? It works very well with latest XOOPS version and incorporates the newest wordpress build. See https://xoops.org/modules/news/article.php?storyid=4590 for more info. You only have to be prepared there could be some language issues you have to fix. (see link in the comments)


 XPressMe Install Issue under XOOPS2.5

After some $*@%#^(, xpressme/Wordpress module was successfully installed in XOOPS 2.5.0. The experience is published for the benefit of others who want to use the module because the odds are they will experience the issue too.

The issue:
Xpressme module was unable to read the XOOPS system variables for the mySQL database as defined in wp_config.php, and line 17 of xpressme/include/memory_limit.php. But when the literal database variables were manually entered in these two files, the install proceeded successfully without issue. A separate database (not part of the xoops database), with its own user, name and password was set up to protect the other databases because this is now a compromise in security for the sake of functionality (getting it to run). I am interested in knowing if anyone else is successfully running this under X2.5 as-is, and would suggest that the developer examine what looks like compatibility bug and issue an update. Everything else seems to work so far in user and admin departments.


 Re: XPressMe Install Issue under XOOPS2.5

@ noobaru:

I've installed the latest XPressMe module on my site and it works perfectly with WordPress 3.04.

You can download the latest XPressME module on the author's site:


and here's the installation description



 Re: XPressMe Install Issue under XOOPS2.5

Thanks lunchboxwu,

The modules repository did not have this version for some reason. Installed and that issue seems to have been fixed. Lucky for me the docs were not in Japanese.....


 Re: XPressMe Install Issue under XOOPS2.5

I'm also trying to get this to work...

The initial install went without any problems, (XOOPS 2.5.0),
but now when a regular user clicks on the XPressMe link in the Main Menu on the left,
he doesn't get any of the sub-menu options (New Post, etc.).
He can see the blog entries, but when he clicks on any of the links (to read the whole post, see the Archives, etc.) - he gets logged out instead!

Not sure what is causing this, although it seems to be some kind of permissions problem. Anyone have an idea what it might be?


- b -


Edit: When a regular user clicks any link, he/she is redirected to
which logs him/her out.

Edit: Actually, it does this to every user, even the Admin group. With the Admin group though, at least least it shows the sub menu: New Post, Edit Post, etc.

Edit: I see that what's happening is when I first click the XPressME link in the Main Menu, I get the content of the XPressMe module in the main body of the page, and when I click on any link in that main area, such as the first link under Archives (which should take me to http://www.mysite.org/modules/xpress/2011/02/), for some reason I get bumped to http://www.mysite.org/user.php?from=xpress, which in turn bumps me over to http://www.mysite.org/modules/profile/user.php?from=xpress, which automatically logs me out. I don't get it. I wonder if this is because I enabled multi-user blogging when I installed?


 Re: XPressMe Install Issue under XOOPS2.5

I found the solution to the above problem (user automatically being logged out):

This indicates that the auto-logout happens because register_globals is turned ON in php.ini. I'm using a hosting provider, so I can't change the php.ini file, but I did try to override it by putting

php_value register_globals 0

in the .htaccess file in my /www/modules/xpress/ folder. ('xpress' is what I named the module when I installed it.) This caused a 500 error in the browser, so I was forced to do the NON-recommended thing - comment out this line (46?) in wp-settings.php:


That fixed the problem, but since this is a WordPress file (not an XPressMe file), I now have to comment this out this line every time I upgrade WordPress, from what I understand.

- b -



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