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Main new function is trackback system which many Blog system are already equipped with. Sending update ping function is also available. And .....
- You can syndicate weBLogs through not only RSS2.0 but also RSS1.0(RDF).
- You can set default option setting when you post weblog . (Options are invalidate HTML tag/Private mode/Send update Ping.)
- weBlog module's peculiar style sheet which is located in /weblog/styles.css is automatically included .
- include GIJOE (one of the most respectable module developer)'s Blocks Admin system.
- Some bugs fix.

2 cautions I have to mention about language files. ( english / espanol / french / german / italian / japanese / spanish / x_brazilian_portuguese) Only 2 languages english and japanese are able , since I have no another linguistic knowledges. Ver.1.3 seems including many languages. So, if you localize them , please teach me. I'll include them when I release (and after release).

For sending update ping , /weblog/language/******/ file is required. This file is only common update ping servers terminated by new line. As I don't know common update ping servers in the sphere of French , Spanish.... etc , /weblog/language/*******/ is blank.

Please report bugs at
There is support forum . And if you fix language files, please upload on above URL.

How to Update (1.3 to 1.4)
0. At first expand tarball file.
1. Change your old weblog directory to expanded one.
2. At SYSTEM ADMIN->Modules in Administration menu , you can update weBLog module.
3. At SYSTEM ADMIN->Templates , you can update weBlog templates set. ( you have to update only weblog_entries.html and weblog_details.html)
4. At DATABASE in weBLog module admin menu, you can check database tables structure.Click Go!.
5. You will find these messages "Column trackbacks not found ......" and "Create table 'weblog_trackback'" . Please create a column and a table.

CHANGES version 1.41 -- 04/26/2005
Include ticket system when blogger post , edit or delete entries. ( Special thanks to GIJOE )
4 Blocks add .
Link module integrated ,
Recent entries group by Bloggers ,
Recent comment of weBLog ,
Recent Trackback Function which divide Entry first half and latter half
Function which makes member only readable part
Some bugs fix.

Test mode --- image manager added. It is based on GIJOE's myalbum-P Xoops core imagemanager integration fucntion. If you want to use this function , you have to create new DB table "weblogmyalbum_photos" via weBLog module admin menu "Database".

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