Version 3.2 Codeenali
CAUTION!!! Database table has been changed.
If you update from 2.1, run /modules/popnupblog/admin/sqlupdate.php at once.

Denali V3 Highlight
Supported mailing list. It can set a ML posting address as each blog. And it does not need adding a mail subject prefix as ML posting.
Bugfixed, trackback and RSS feed.

2.0 Highlight
User can own several blogs. Admin can set a max blogs ($maxuserblogs) in pop.ini.php.
User can edit blogs information. Category, Title, Email, etc.
Support categories. Admin can make categories. User can chose it.
Support list view mode. With or without contents, Category filter, Page controller.
Support VOTE mode. You can vote yes or no and see it by ranking chart.


System Requirements:

Other files by: dashbord

Survey by Bluemoon (2005/05/30)
BackPack (2005/01/08)
XooPopChat (2004/11/28)
BM File Manager (2004/11/07)
Newbb Fileupload (2004/10/13)

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 Re: PopnupBlog

Just a FYI. Not sure why people don't update their modules! :(

v3.21 2008/08/28 Added more sanitization to index.php and class/PopnupBlogUtils.php
v3.22 2009/02/18 Added new template popnupblog_submit.html. MarkItUp and Lightbox jQuery plugin was supported.
V3.23 2009/03/02 Bugifx: At download.php, it couldn't send html header. Template fix for IE6.
V3.24 2009/10/26 Renew: Simplify last update block and other templates.
V3.25 2009/12/02 Supported: User can share writing as a group post permission.

And unless you happen to read Japanese, it can be a bit difficult to find the latest code. Here's a link!


 Re: PopnupBlog

is this module still alive?

anyway on my github ( git:// ) you can find an updated version (still under fixing).


 Re: PopnupBlog

I was thinking about adding it to our Basic Module Pack, but I think, we need a better GUI on the front-end. Anybody who could help with it?


 Re: PopnupBlog

I wanted to make a couple of changes to the module, so I looked around a bit at the code...

when in the admin area, if you clicked the waiting tab, it would take you out of the xoops interface. If you add

at line 160-161 (just before the ?> ) in the file admin/waiting.php then you get the normal ui back again....

I also wanted to change the upload size, so I found that in pop.ini.php change
$BlogCNF['maxbyte'] = "8000000";
to what ever number you want (in bytes) and it should work.....but so far I changed it to 300mb, and a 18mb music file won't work but a 5mb one will....grrr...any ideas let me know....will keep on trying with this one....

also in the same file, I changed it so that the blog has its own uploads directory within uploads.
$BlogCNF['uploads'] = XOOPS_ROOT_PATH.'/uploads/blog/';
$BlogCNF['img_dir'] = "/uploads/blog/";
$BlogCNF['thumb_dir'] = "/uploads/blog/thumbs/";

I hope this helps anyone trying to do similar functions....



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