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Was published UPLOADER v 1.1 NOW ENGLEESH & russian 2.

Adapted for xoops 2.0.2 and for 2.0.3 to
work in xoops 1.x but thereis some problems with themes.
4 1.x download uploader v1.0 from my sites download page (The English language files take them from UPLOADER 1.1, soon I do it myself )
This is a some one...
User can give description to file.
Download counter.
User can sort files by name, upload date, rating.
Administrator can show own messages.
Filename length limit.
Autodeleting files older than NN days.
Administrator account to delete files
Possibility to view contents of ZIP archives without downloading.
Now this module is finally adapted to XOOPS 2.0.2, removal{distance} of files (administration) works, the button for transition in administration from the main page, ану and the rest поÑ?тарому is added.
copy UPLOADER files to u xoops modules folder , edit conf.php. and so on.


    System Requirements:

      Submitter: webmaster
      Released: 2004/04/28

      Version: 1.1
      Release Status: 
      Downloads: 10414
      File Size: 74.34 Kb
      Home Page: 

      Rating:   (2 Votes)

      Reviews:  (0)

      Mirrors Available: 0

      Download Times:
      Modem(56k) : 12s
      ISDN(64k) : 11s
      DSL(768k) : 0.88s
      LAN(10M) : 0.07s
      Price: Free | Platform: 2.2.x | License: Apache License (v. 1.0) | Limitations: None

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      • Just popping in

       Re: Uploader 1.1

      This module has to have register_globals as On!

      This is by default OFF in PHP 4.2.0 and later

      And is also Deprecated in PHP 6.0

      I have fixed it up for me so that I can use it with register_globals OFF but I'm not sure how to release Version 1.2 of this module.


      Author Thread