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Zen Cart


Zen Cart Xoops Integration 0.1 RC

Zen Cart v1.2.6d

1 - Language Integration
The language selected in xoops will be the language shown in Zen Cart Xoops.
(You must manually install the additional languages) Find yours in

2 - Theme Integration.
The "XoopsTheme" Template in Zen Cart lets you maintain the same aspect of the page for the shop Module.
(The theme selected in xoops must use correctly the variables xoops_showlblock, xoops_showrblock and

You can use the template variable $isshop to determine if the module is currently open through your theme.

3 - Blocks Integration
Through the block "Zen Cart Blocks" you can select the static sideboxes of Zen Cart.
The blocks must be rebuild in the zen cart xoops admin.

4 - All the Zen Cart features


    System Requirements:

      Submitter: kavaXtreme
      Publisher: Carlos Devia
      Released: 2005/12/02

      Version: 0.1RC
      Release Status: 
      Downloads: 14837
      File Size: 3.14 Mb

      Rating:   (7 Votes)

      Reviews:  (1)

      Mirrors Available: 0

      Download Times:
      Modem(56k) : 8.7min
      ISDN(64k) : 7.6min
      DSL(768k) : 38s
      LAN(10M) : 3s
      Price: Free | Platform: 2.5.5 | License: Sun Solaris Source Code (Foundation Release) License (v. 1.1) | Limitations: None

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      • Just popping in

       Re: Zen Cart

      This seems to be a very dead module wich isnt even supported anymore even if you email the dev. Does anyone know of a working module that works with the current version of XOOPS and zen cart? would be great! but at the moment this module isnt worth downloading at all. its a dead stick!!!

      Author Thread