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Newbb Fileupload


This is a compatible forum module of newbb version 1.

?Equipped with uploader and automatic embedding with thumbnail of attached file
?Equipped with special down loader(log record having)
?For WYSIWYG editor(Separately, download a htmlArea for XOOPS from XOOPS official site.)
?Cover of private forum
?It corresponds to the operation in the real name.

How to Install
1.Backup all files about (xen_ROOT./module/newbb) folder.
2.Extract these hack files. (xen_ROOT./module)
3.Customize the fileup.ini.php, if you need some changes.
You should change the upload folder that is not in web path. It will be more secure.
4.Cerate thumbnail folder (xen_ROOT./uploads/thumbs).

  • newbb
  • upload

System Requirements:
  • XOOPS 2.0, 2.2

Download History:
Version Infomation
V1.80m 2007/06/18
New: "Temporary save" for your posting.
New: "Download to text" for save all threads of a topic for your local.
Brush-up: Search private forum for accessible user.
Brush-up: Separate search words as multi-byte space.
Brush-up: Search with suggestion words for Japanse (Hankaku-Zenkaku Kana).
Brush-up: Notify to only private members when someone posting at private forum.
Move: Move 3 parameters (SAVE_AS_MBSTR, normal_maxbyte, private_maxbyte ) from fileup.ini.php to module administration.
And much more....

V1.80n 2007/06/22 Bugfix: Notify with fulltext.
V1.80o 2007/06/25 Change: Notify as new forum only public when admin made it. Notify as a new forum at private when admin registered as private user.
V1.81 2007/06/30 Added new class as download.class.php. Then ext2mime.php move into download.class.php.
Bugfix: Download with multi-binary name files.
V1.81a 2007/07/10 Bugfix: It was sending notify mail for existing topic by each edit. You may notify as "temporary save" change it to "submit" or simply submit as now topic and replay.
V1.82 2008/02/07 Signature supported on template.
V1.83 2008/03/18 Bugfix: Lost the redirect page at return from "notify me of new posts in the current thread.".
v1.84 2008/04/25 Security update for XSS Vulnerability at download.php.
V1.85 2008/06/18 Bugfix: Image file handling of multibyte file at post.php.
V1.86 2008/06/30 Bugfix: sort by uname at viewforum.php.
V1.87 2008/08/16 Added new function: The permitted group can see the notified user list.
V1.88 2008/09/06 Bugfix: Error stop at as search by guest. Added "File type for upload" at module admin.
V1.88 2008/09/06 Bugfix: Error stop at as search by guest. Added "File type for upload" at module admin.
V1.89 2008/12/11 New: Supported JQuery Lightbox plugin for thumbnail images.
V1.90 2008/12/13 Makinosuke works was merged around newbb_edit.html. Thanks a lot!
V1.91 2008/12/29 New: Supported JQuery MarkItUp plugin for text editing. ( work with Makinosuke too)
V1.92 2009/01/07 Bugifx: search.php,viewforum.php. MarkItUp more fitted for xoops BBcode.
V1.93 2009/01/08 Bugifx: sort at newbb_viewforum.html. MarkItUp has Tango disktop color list.
V1.94 2009/03/02 Bugifx: At download.php, it couldn't send html header.
V1.95 2009/03/14 Update: The width parameter of "code" and "quote" in style.css. It changed from fixed 580px to 97%.
V1.96 2009/04/04 Bugifx: Page jump link for flat view. MarkItUp work with ImpressCMS. Templates fix by Makinosuke.
V1.97 2009/08/18 Bugfix: Thred sticky, rock and delete. The modal dialog confirmation opens when you delete a file.

Submitter: dashbord
Publisher: Bluemoon inc.
Updated On: 2009/08/25

Version: 1.97
Release Status: 
Downloads: 7308
File Size: 0 B
Home Page: Bluemoon inc.

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Price: Free | Platform: 2.0.x | License: GNU General Public License (GPL) (v. 2.0) | Limitations: None

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