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Database Tools

Database Tools

DB Backup & Restore 3.0


Simple backup tool in a block to make a backup of your xoops mySQL database. You can create a zip or plain SQL files and this files can you download or email or save only on your website.

backup 2.0 -- (
restore (bigdump) -- Alexey Ozerov (alexey at ozerov dot de)
backup & restore 3.0 -- D.J. (phppp,

  • 1 backup XOOPS data and store in three ways: on the server, download immediately(admin only) or sent by email(URL or attachments)
  • 2 tables can be select to be exported separately. useful for large tables
  • 3 file number stored on local server can be configured
  • 4 backup can be made by admin or via cronjob
  • 5 restore XOOPS data from db files exported the module or by any db management script like phpmyadmin
  • 6 capable for large file import by multiple sessions
  • 7 restore can be done by non-webmaster, useful for XOOPS user related date restore.
  • 8 timeout issues have been efficiently solved

System Requirements:

    Submitter: webmaster
    Updated On: 2005/08/20

    Version: 3.0
    Release Status: 
    Downloads: 16269
    File Size: 25.93 Kb
    Home Page: Xoops China

    Rating:   (2 Votes)

    Reviews:  (1)

    Mirrors Available: 0

    Download Times:
    Modem(56k) : 4s
    ISDN(64k) : 4s
    DSL(768k) : 0.31s
    LAN(10M) : 0.02s
    Price: Free | Platform: 2.0.x | License: Sun Solaris Source Code (Foundation Release) License (v. 1.1) | Limitations: None

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