xhelp is designed as a user-friendly helpdesk application for the XOOPS portal system.

Installation Instructions:
Unzip archive to 'modules' directory.
Install application using XOOPS module administration panel.
Adjust module preferences as necessary.
Add ticket departments (categories).
Setup XOOPS user accounts that represent helpdesk staff members.
Follow steps in "Block Styles" section of this document
All Set!!!

Upgrade Instructions:
Unzip archive to 'modules' directory.
Update module through XOOPS module administration panel.
Click on 'Check Tables' from the xhelp Main Menu, or the pop-up menu.
Adjust module preferences as necessary.
Follow steps in "Block Styles" section of this document
All Set!!!

Block Styles:
xHelp 0.7 adds the ability to flag a ticket as overdue. To see this
flag in the xhelp blocks (My Tickets, Recently Viewed Tickets) you will
need to add the following style to your xoops theme's stylesheet:
#xhelp_dept_recent li.overdue {background-color:red;}
#xhelp_bOpenTickets li.overdue {background-color:red;}

In addition we recommend adding these styles to your theme's stylesheet
#xhelp_dept_recent li {list-style:none;}
#xhelp_bOpenTickets li {list-style:none;}

#xhelp_dept_recent ul, #xhelp_dept_recent li {margin:0; padding:0;}
#xhelp_bOpenTickets ul, #xhelp_bOpenTickets li {margin:0; padding:0;}

#xhelp_dept_recent li {margin:0;padding-left:18px; background:url('../../modules/xhelp/images/ticket-small.png') no-repeat 0 50%; line-height:16px;padding-bottom:2px;}
#xhelp_bOpenTickets li {margin:0;padding-left:18px; background:url('../../modules/xhelp/images/ticket-small.png') no-repeat 0 50%; line-height:16px;padding-bottom:2px;}

Email Ticket Submission:
To configure email ticket submission some additional steps are
necessary. First you need to create a POP3 email account for each
department that will receive email. Next, go to "Manage Departments" in the xhelp Admin Panel. Next, edit the department you wish to hold the newly created tickets. Next, Add a new mailbox to monitor:

Mailbox Type - currently the only option is POP3.
Server - DNS name of mail server (get from your hosting provider)
Port - Mail Service Port Number. For POP3 this is usually 110.
Username - Username to access mailbox (get from your hosting provider)
Password - Password to access mailbox (also get from your hosting provider)
Default Ticket Priority - Adjust default priority for incoming tickets.
Reply-To Email Address - the email address for this account. Used for
handling replies (responses) to tickets.

Repeat this process for each mailbox you wish to monitor.

Once all mailboxes , you need to setup a scheduled task or a cron job to check these mailboxes on a regular basis.

For *nix machines the following crontab line should do the trick:
*/* * * * /usr/bin/wget -/dev/null -/dev/null -<XOOPS_URL>/modules/xhelp/checkemail.php

The above line will check all the configured mailboxes, every other minute.

For windows servers you can try using Task Scheduler or runat with
this variant:
C:phpphp.exe "<XOOPS_PATH>modulesxhelpcheckemail.php"

If PHP was installed into a different directory from the default you
will need to adjust the path to php.exe accordingly.

In addition, there is a version of wget for windows:


Unfortunately we cannot support you in the configuration of this
scheduled task. Please contact your hosting provider with any questions.


Updates, Bugs or Feedback:
For up-to-date versions of this application or to give feedback for the
application go to the xhelp development site:


xHelp not available in your language? Want to help by translating xhelp
into your native tongue? Please come to the translators forum on the
xhelp development site (url listed above) for more details.

Credits and Thanks:
Ackbarr (Brian Wahoff) - Team Leader
ejuden (Eric Juden) - Developer
ajuden (Alan Juden) - Tester
Outch (Eric Wegrzynowski) - French Translation
CeRbErO - Spanish Translation
silviotech - Brazilian Portugues Translation
alexcami - Italian Translation
Briese - German Translation
irmtfan - Persian Translation
valentin - Japanese Translation


System Requirements:

Other files by: ackbarr

xCal (2004/10/09)
Service Status (2004/10/07)

The comments are owned by the author. We aren't responsible for their content.

 Re: xHelp

Looks like I have just found a bug in xHelp.

Basically if you log a ticket like normal but under someone elses name no notification is sent to the name of the person you logged the ticket under or the person/department which is meant to respond.



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