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Here is the corrected and improved version of the Istat statistical module for Xoops, TDMStats rename this module gives you a maximun of information about your visitors.


Module Options:
- Bar Chart with color choices.
- Visit: by Time, Reference, Country, Day of the month, week, month, time, page, module.
- System: Browser, OS, Resolution, Colors, Hostname.
- Choice of theme.
- Resolution of the country with visitor's flag.

- Block with choice of information displayed

Language Module:
- French
- English
- Persian
- Spanish


    System Requirements:

      Download History:
      - Version 1.06 | 27-01-2010
      - Fixed admin files overhaul of design and option.
      - Fixed a bug with the size of database.
      - Modify all files to include new graphics.
      - Version 1.05 | 17-12-2009
      - Fixed language files in utf8 EN
      - Fixed bug with server hrs
      - The module does not work on linux server (problem uppercase)
      - Supression bug with blocks

      Submitter: Lord_Venom
      Publisher: T.D.M
      Released: 2010/02/02

      Version: 1.06
      Release Status: 
      Downloads: 2812
      File Size: 0 B
      Home Page: tdmxoops

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      Price: Free | Platform: 2.4.x | License: GNU General Public License (GPL) (v. 2.0) | Limitations: None Save

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      Other files by: Lord_Venom
      TDMPicture (2010/03/31)
      TDMSpot (2010/02/02)

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