MatrixStream 1.06
Commerical Software available from Fibredyne Pty Ltd

Commerical Module for XOOPS to allow for interactions of XOOPS 2.5 or later and the MatrixStream Server for management of Subscribers, Packages, ISP and other details.

About MatrixStream - (For More Information See Site)

MatrixStream is the leading vendor of HD streaming over the Internet IPTV solution provider. Our fully integrated OTT (Over the Top) end-to-end HD streaming IPTV solution enables telecoms and service providers worldwide to instantly start their IPTV service without integration headaches and poor video qualities. MatrixStream IPTV solution provides all the pieces needed to deploy a complete IPTV solution including true streaming of limitless live TV channels and unlimited number of on demand videos all up to HD 1080p video quality over networks without QoS such as the Internet. Our amazing patent-pending MatrixCast OTT (over the top) streaming technology enables delivery of extremely high quality videos at very low bitrates without frame drops and poor video qualities typically associated with other solutions. MatrixStream’s one of a kind MatrixCloud ASP IPTV solution enables telecoms and service providers to instantly generate revenue off their ASP IPTV service offering both live TV and on demand videos at up to HD 1080p quality at low bitrates. In addition, MatrixStream is also the premier provider of wireless IPTV solution offering HD streaming over wireless 3G, 4G and LTE networks. IPTV viewers can enjoy HD videos on either MatrixStream’s HD 1080p set top box or HD PC IPTV viewer. Please contact us today to get more information about your IPTV requirements.

Suggested Price of Module:
This module is price at approximately in the following stratum and is provided as purchased in open code which is not encoded or encyrpted and can be further developed for the XOOPS Platform..

  • $1500 AUD - Unsupported
  • $2500 AUD - Supported for 12 months.
  • $4700 AUD - Supported for 12 months with 2 weeks of 6hours development.

- This module remains the property of Fibredyne Pty Ltd and was written by Chronolabs Co-op.

If you would like to negotiate purchasing this module for interactions with MatrixStream Server and the API it provides please email


System Requirements:

Other files by: wishcraft

MyAlbum-p (2012/03/13)
Flowplayer (2012/03/13)
X-REST API (2012/03/13)
UI Tabs (2012/03/13)
Sexy (2012/03/13)
Benchmark (2012/03/13)
Maquee 1.03 (2012/03/13)
XQuiz (2012/03/13)
IRC 1.02 (2011/08/10)
TwitterBomb 1.12 (2011/08/10)
Prochatrooms 7.0 (2011/05/08)
Membership 1.02 (2011/02/06)
Webcams 1.09 (2011/02/04)
Xpayment 1.18 (2011/01/21)
XinCodes 1.02 (2010/12/15)
Profile (Verbose) 1.62 (2010/12/15)
Dates 1.45 (2010/11/08)
X-Center (2010/09/29)
X-cURL (2010/07/16)

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