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Objects Manager


Object manager is an invoicing system that is designed for holding objects of any type for reservation or offers for purchase of an object. Objects Manager utilizes Profile module as well as XOOPS 2.4 or later to combine the power of WHMCS as an invoicing system (see for a demo) and XOOPS application framework to make deploying for example as the default is for Properties and Land but can be configured for really any object of any type.

With unlimited fields in the module for an object you can define new fields in the manager down to category level and also control the display permissions of these fields. Designed for a property site, objects utilizes the API in the advance billing called WHMCS and invoicing system to allow end users to access and using a checkout make reservation for a ‘hire’ or ‘rent’ or make offers for a ‘sale’.

Objects manager is ideal for any Real estate site but can be used for other types of enterprises as well. Ownership of an object can also have a delegated broker (XOOPS Group) that can also edit the system. It has an unlimited amount of pictures, videos and documents that can be uploaded as well as confluent and easy to use system of navigation.

The broker group is a group added on installation of the system, which is used for a 2nd party to be able to access an object and edit it, this can also be done by the object owner or system administration (Webmaster) account. There is also use of JQuery with this module, which ensure that the slider block (Image revolution of objects) works with the existing XOOPS System.

There is also a table of objects for a block that like the slider can be categorized and adjusted, there is also a search block. There are over 40 HTML Templates with objects and it is no
way a small application.

We made the choice to use WHMCS in all our modules for invoicing as for the price we cannot produce something of similar quality for the price, normally this is your payment gateway and you have everything centralized to use its API to generate invoices and bill clientele. (See: for more details and demo).

Objects manager is ideal for anyone who wants to bill on a rent/hire/buy senerio as it uses WHMCS you have the choice of over 50 payment gateways as well as being able to add your own. The API allows for invoices and clients to be generated all you have to do is set your configuration as per the modules requirements and utilization of the WHMCS API.

  • Breadcrumb
  • Choice of Editors
  • JQuery use for slider and gallerific gallery for pictures.
  • Supports Tag 2.3 RC
  • Support Multisite
  • WHMCS API Complaint System
  • Mime-type Specified for Uploads of Pictures, Video & Documents
  • Admin Control Panel Interface
  • User Control Panel Interface
  • Special Group Interface
  • Customizable fields on profile
  • Video Upload
  • Document Upload
  • Picture Upload
  • Blocked Pricing system for Reservations (ie. 1m 2w 3d uses pricing matrix to cost and item).
  • Customer Actions Checkout

System Requirements:
  • XOOPS 2.4.x+
  • WHMCS 3.4.x+
  • PHP 5.x
  • IonCube Zend Extension

Submitter: wishcraft
Publisher: Frilogg
Released: 2010/05/05

Version: 2.30
Release Status: 
Downloads: 1795
File Size: 13.84 Mb

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LAN(10M) : 13s
Price: 169 | Platform: 2.4.x | License: Public Documentation License (PDL) | Limitations: None

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  • Just popping in

 Re: Objects Manager


This module does not work with version 2.5

System Requirements:

* XOOPS 2.4.x+ ???
* WHMCS 3.4.x+
* PHP 5.x
* IonCube Zend Extension

Where can I get one, I can use with version 2.5


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