With Userpage, your registred users can create their own page (for example their biography) in your Xoops site.


System Requirements:

Other files by: irmtfan

Marquee (2013/01/03)
Waiting (2013/01/03)
WF-Downloads (2013/01/02)
Avaman (2013/01/02)
Pageworks (2008/01/18)
XoopsInfo (2008/01/07)
xf-guestbook (2008/01/07)
Netquery (2008/01/07)
WordBook (2008/01/07)
SmartObject Framework (2008/01/07)
SmartBlocks (2008/01/07)
SmartMail (2008/01/07)
SmartMedia (2008/01/07)
SmartSection (2008/01/07)
SmartProfile (2008/01/07)
SmartPartner (2008/01/07)
SmartFAQ (2008/01/07)
ExtCal (2008/01/07)

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 Re: UserPage 1.22

6 different webpages till it finally downloaded it had better be worth it


 Re: UserPage 1.22

This is one of my favorite modules. It is a simple little thing, but the users on my community love it. Well done!


 Re: UserPage 1.22

have troubles with wysiwyg editors in this mod.
i have xoopseditor frame work installed but none are working.
i changed the dir in the inculde/functions.php file to the right dir for my install.
koivi started to work but all the dropboxs had wierd text in them, i can't add images with the image manager and iwont save anything when i sumbit the changes.

FCK editor which i like after using it in with the content mod, will load but with errors, and i cant type anything in the body.

this is the error i get with fckeditor.


Line: 32
Error: 'this.LinkedField.value' is null or not an object
Code: 0

i really would like to get a wysiwyg editor to work with most of my mods cause the standard dhtml form won't take all html code that is pasted in it. i like to layout my content and copy / paste the html code into XOOPS mods.
most of the time my formatting gets screwwed up and i have to go tthrough all the code and remove extra spaces. I would realy like to see a wysiwyg replacement for and as the default in xoops.


 wysiwyg editors

user pages mod developer please look at the code in this mod.

the editors work in this. you should allow for those who have framework editor package installed.

just some friendly advice.


 Re: wysiwyg editors

i have fix my problem with the editors. and have posted a hack of this mod here!

I alter the code on files:

this download only has the english language files.
you can add the other if need by getting the original download from xoops.org or the instant-zero website.

my editing has resulted in function of wysiwyg editors found in the xoopseditor framework package.

if you have editors installed instead of framework install they should work also.
framework installs editors in class/xoopseditor directory.
some of you may have editors installed a different way such as class/FCKeditor.

the hack will check for both and use the first one it finds.

if you choose to use FCKeditor in the module options then the page will look for one of the two possible FCKeditor installs to use and use the first it finds.

I think this would be nice feature on all modules.
cause we all like different wysiwyg forms. so why not allow all possible options.

this mod is being tested on XOOPS ver

use at own risk!


 Re: UserPage 1.22

having a play with this at the mo, i added blackmarx's hack and i now get to use the editor. But when i click on submit it reloads the same edit page and dosnt save the information.


 All I get is a blank page

All I get is a blank page when I click "user page" at :http://mywebsite.com/modules/userpage/admin/index.php


 Re: All I get is a blank page

Maybe you need PHP5 for this? What version do you have?


 Re: All I get is a blank page

I.m also getting a blank page. I am using XOOPS 2.3.3 and PHP5. I am now using 'Yougurt' for the user profile.


 Re: All I get is a blank page

I just updated the links to version 1.4 - download it, and try it again.


 Module File for Not Found!

Module File for Not Found!

After I installed it. I got this" Module File for Not Found!"
And one of download link is broken. Pls, how do i fix it?

Resized Image


 Re: UserPage

Probably, you have more than 1 directory in the path from /modules/ to xoops_version.php


 Re: Module File for Not Found!

I solved this problem by renaming the folder "userpage" instead of the default "UserPage". Seems to work as advertised now!



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