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A Slot Management System


Feb 2008 UPDATE: (from SourceForge post)
NOTE: THIS MODULE NO LONGER WORKS AND IS NOT SUPPORTED! (feel free to tinker + fix it if u can) ASMS ('A Slot Management System') is a XOOPS module based on the excellent Meeting Room Booking System.

ASMS is A Slot Management System I wrote last year for a well-known British Telco who use it as a simple tool to manage advertising slots in their regular emails and events.

It's fairly easy to see how to modify the code for any generic booking use - it began life as the Meeting Room Booking System and has use-based slots instead of time-based plus additional reporting functionality.

It's been working for a year now in a live environment and thought the code might be of use to someone for educational or business /intrant use so here it is.

It would be nice to build a funky generic booking system with all the bells and whistles so anyone interested join @ SF



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      Submitter: Anonymous
      Released: 2004/06/15

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