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I have relaesed a new Jobs Module. It is version 4.0

It is for Xoops 2.3.x versions only.

Some new things:

You can put adsense code or a banner in the middle of listings.

Improved blocks, plus a new block for premium listing.

Premium listings are new too. You need to make a listing premium manually in the admin for each listing right now.

It has a new documentation section in the admin, just an idea I had, it is basic and not complete but maybe it will grow with the module. It has it's own language file, (docs.php).

You MUST use the upgrade script, please read the README file.

Report any problems at my forum.

Get it Here



  • 1. Notifications
  • 2. Group Permissions
  • 3. Premium users can set how long their listing will last
  • 4. Users can view all listings for a company, and if that user is the submitter, they can administer their listings from there. they will also be shown how many replies they have had for each listing and have a link to show them the replies
  • 5. Users can sort the Job Listings by job title, date, company, popularity. Users can sort the Resume Listings by job title, date, experience, popularity
  • 6. Users can now create their resume if they don't have one to upload. For now it is just a one field form using a wywiwyg editor. In the future it will get more involved, hopefully
  • 7. Users can add their resume as .doc or .pdf, they can also create one from scratch if they don't have one.(Uses a wysiwyg editor) Resumes can be set to private, using a password or key that the submitter creates when adding their resume, no one can view the resume without the key, if the submitter adds a key. If no key is added the listing will be public

System Requirements:
  • Xoops 2.3.X

Submitter: jlm69
Publisher: John Mordo
Released: 2009/08/04

Version: 4.3 RC2
Release Status: 
Downloads: 2497
File Size: 291.44 Kb
Home Page: jlmzone

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Price: Free | Platform: 2.3.x | License: GNU General Public License (GPL) (v. 2.0) | Limitations: None

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