This is a modified version of the original Xoops mydownloads module.

- You can use permissions to submit and to view
- In the module's option you can activate a pager for the module's index page
- You have a global RSS feed and a per category RSS feed
- You can use much more WYSIWYG editors (DHTML, Compact, Spaw, HtmlArea, Koivi, FCK, TinyEditor)
- You can upload categories pictures directly from the module's administration
- Some module's preferences where changed from a scrolling list to a text box
- In the module's options, you can select where to upload screen shots
- The module's administration user interface is "nicer"
- The module table's fields are larger


System Requirements:

Other files by: Mamba

DH-Info (2014/04/08)
XoopsHeadline (2013/02/04)
XoopsTube (2013/02/04)
xForms (2013/02/04)
Soapbox (2013/02/04)
TDMDownloads (2013/02/04)
Obituaries (2013/02/04)
Defacer (2013/02/04)
Backup (2013/02/04)
Google Maps (2013/01/04)
Tag (2013/01/04)
Mastop 2Go (2013/01/04)
MyMenus (2013/01/03)
Birthday (2013/01/03)
Group Manager (2010/01/19)
DokuWiki (2008/12/08)
Auth (2008/07/02)
Sudoku (2008/06/30)
XOOPS Roster (2008/06/30)
MeteoMedia (2008/06/30)

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 Re: MyDownloads 1.5

I can't seem to access the module on XOOPS 2.3.0 RC. I get the message 'Sorry, you don't have the permission to access this area.' every time, even when I want to use it as webmaster. I added the Permissions for everybody to view, but that doesn't seem to help.

Any ideas on how to fix this, or any other modules that do work with XOOPS 2.3?


 Re: MyDownloads 1.5

please have a look here, you will find what about


 Re: MyDownloads 1.5

I get the same with XOOPS 2.3 and mydownloads 1.6
Did anyone figure this out?

Edit: Ah-ha! in-module Permissions


 Re: MyDownloads 1.5

MyDownloads 1.6 can be found at




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