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XOOPS selected to power TQM department in the Saudi Ministry of Education

We are looking for a powerful, secure, easy CMS and fully arabized “ that was the request of the TQM (Total Quality Management) department in the Saudi Ministry of Education – Jeddah branch, two months ago.

Many competing CMS solutions has been proposed by many known companies and developers, but never satisfied the team’s need. I suggest them to use XOOPS, and I provided them with some samples of many websites powered by XOOPS with a test link to check the administration area.

We like the simplicity of XOOPS, and we feel that it’s the best solution for our website, it provides the best combination of feature, security and simplicity, Go ahead dear Mariane and adopt XOOPS for our new project”.

That was their reply! And surely it was expected! XOOPS is the best.

Resized Image

The website is running on XOOPS 2.5.5 Arabic version using the following modules:
- Publisher (cloned many times for multiple usages)
- My album
- Poll
- Contact 1.8
- Xforms
- Ourpartners
- TDMDonloads
- Simple counter

The theme is based on default theme, and all pictures are bought from

I am very proud that XOOPS has been selected this time by the Saudi government!

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Online Games Promotion Site

Game promotion site

Xoops Version : 2.4.5

Modules :
- Publisher
- XoopsTag
- MyTube
- spotlight
- Multimenu
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Resized Image is a website for Algerian Hotel: Complexe du Sahel.

The website is based on xoops 2.4.3. French edition .

To showcase the hotel services I've used these modules:

- news 1.66
- Contact 1.6
- extgallery 1.07

The Website has been created in 2010, and the domain name has been changed recently into

View: here

Car Owners Manuals

Let me introduce Car Owners Manuals, the ultimate resource of auto owner's manuals for many car models.

It is running on Xoops 2.5 with latest Publisher module by Trabis.

There are a lot of owners, service, repair and maintenance manuals and user guides for many car makers like: Acura, Audi, BMW, Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Daewoo, Dodge, Fiat, Ford, Geo, GMC, Honda, Hummer, Hyundai, Infiniti, Isuzu, Jaguar, Jeep, Kia, Land Rover, Lexus, Lincoln, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz, Mercury, Mini, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Porsche, Saab, Saturn, Scion, Smart, Subaru, Suzuki, Toyota, Volkswagen, Volvo and many more books.

None of manuals are hosted on our server. We just collect links from internet and respect copyright.


Viva Xoops and the new Publisher :)

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French Website for Mountain Biking powered by XOOPS

Our friend from XOOPS France have recently updated a Website focusing on Mountain Biking:

Resized Image
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Xoops site about the legendary Commodore 64

I have been used Xoops for my websites since 2005 now. This is my ninth site created with Xoops.

This site hosting longplays (walkthrough videos) of Commodore 64 games. The user can choose to download or watch the video on youtube.

I'm using the Bleek_Party theme with a few modifications. This theme works pretty well. But I think I will hire someone to make a more appropriate theme. Anyone?

The modules I use:


The site was started just two weeks ago. So there is not much activity yet.

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Program Gezgini

Resized Image

Modules :

-TDMDownloads (Edit By Heyula)

Theme :
Elegans (Edit By Heyula)
Original Theme : http://themes.?????.es/demo.html#

Xoops Version
: 2.5.5

Thank you Xoops !
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Docek Nove godine 2013

We introduce you Docek Nove godine, redesigned 2013 version of website that list all New Year events in Belgrade, Serbia.

Belgrade have great nightlife, and it's very popular destination for party in whole Europe.

Updated version is based on Xoops 2.5.5 and:
- Publisher (cloned few times)
- Simple but fast theme (based on Angelorocha theme)
- Rewritten SEO friendly templates
- a lot other hard work under the hood should be very fast

To do:
- Mobile version of website

Prepare yourself for New Year madness :)

--- Serbian ---

Predstavljamo vam sajt Doček Nove godine, redizajniranu verziju za doček 2013 godine. Na sajtu se nalaze sve novogodišnje ponude za doček Nove godine u Beogradu.

Beograd je poznat po svom noćnom životu i veoma je popularna destinacija za provod u celoj Evropi.

Ova verzija je bazirana na platformi Xoops 2.5.5 i:
- Publisheru (koji je kloniran nekoliko puta)
- Jednostavnoj ali brzoj temi (baziranoj na Angelorocha temi)
- SEO oprimizovanim šablonima
...i dosta rada "ispod haube"

- Mobilna verzija sajta

Spremite se za Doček Nove godine i novogodišnju ludnicu :)


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Evsad Powered by Xoops

Resized Image

Modules :

- Amcontact
- Mytube
- Extgallery
- TDMStats
- Content
- Xfguestbook
- Fmcontent
- Laise
- xsitemap

Xoops Version 2.5.5

Thank you Xoops !

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Whitlawburn Community Resource Centre v3 powered by XOOPS

Resized Image

The website of Whitlawburn Community Resource Centre was launched in 2010 as a way let people in our local community know about events and services. Naturally we chose the worlds best CMS, Xoops.

Now we are proud to launch version 3 of our website, still powered by xoops but utilising new web technologies such as html 5, css3 and responsive design.

The new site features a custom built theme based on the xoops default theme and uses html 5 boilerplate as the html template for the theme. The site also uses many great xoops modules including article, xcgal, extcal, weblog and qpages/rmcommon.

Pretty much most the module templates where redesigned, alot of template code which we did not need to use was taken out and we had to rewrite templates which used mostly table layouts so that our responsive design would work.

the main xcgal templates now use divs instead of tables as do some of the extcal templates particularly for week list view and month list view, etc.

I think this really shows the power of xoops and how much xoops can be customised thanks to it's use of smarty templates.

you can check out version 3 of the website here:, take a look on a desktop and a smartphone.

Let me know what you think.

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