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A french support site for Xoops

Very enthusiastic with Xoops, we have just opened a Support Site for French users and developpers. This new Xoops Community will report all ideas and suggestions for this new amazing CMS...
Our url is ...
Long life to Xoops... all over the world !!!

The future Datsun1200 club


Just one more future site (no theme yet (just testing xoops (And enjoying it!) ) ), but with a twist, this one is loaded with 250 members 1300 topics and 5000 messages

Datsun 1200 home

I made a perl script for importing it from to xoops or phpBB postnuke module, it's on the downloads section and runs on linux. (comment if you want more info on this)

I would like to have some comments on the speed of the site from diferent parts of the world, it's my home cable connection.

If you are a datsun 1200 club member, this is still secret so... no posting at yahoo. OK!



Check me out

News from the mouth of YerSister
Forums, News on Windows, Linux, Security, etc...

Just finished moving articles and downloads from postnuke to XOOPS.

DJ Searchmaschine now on XOOPS fever!

Sended by Anonymous el 6/1/2002 16:06:02 in

My Site is now changed from MyPhpnuke to XOOPS.
Its an DJ Community Site and Searchmaschine!

Another Sites from me moved to XOOPS:

Yes, It is a another one

Yes, It is a another one

Just a test site for now. Have to wait until some moduls arrive before I can replace my MPN for Xoops.

B.T.W my main site is


Another yaxs site

I have put xoops in my site

I am very happy with Xoops site system.

It havenĀ“t got useful info now, but it is now.

Aitor Uskola

2 copies of xoops up and running.

i am running 2 copies of xoops. they are being used for an online gaming clans for unreal tournament. they were just put up so there is nothing special about them yet. but if u want to stop by and take a peek links forthcoming.



if there are any mod's developers out there that play online games. mods use for running clans would be a welcome addition to xoops.

My XOOPS page!

Hello of people, I installed and finds XOOPS successfully it very good. Is a German spoke file intended? Please my English excuses!

Greeting Briese.
( )
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