YAXS: The future Datsun1200 club

Posted by: danielblueson 2002/1/8 13:35:26 5330 reads
Hi, Just one more future site (no theme yet (just testing xoops (And enjoying it!) ) ), but with a twist, this one is loaded with 250 members 1300 topics and 5000 messages Datsun 1200 home I made a perl script for importing it from clubs.yahoo.com to xoops or phpBB postnuke module, it's on the downloads section and runs on linux. (comment if you want more info on this) I would like to have some comments on the speed of the site from diferent parts of the world, it's my home cable connection. If you are a datsun 1200 club member, this is still secret so... no posting at yahoo. OK! daniel