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CVS Repository up

It's finally here! All of xoops has been tranfered to CVS.

You may grab the latest CVS files from anonymous CVS by using a program like WinCVS or TortoiseCVS (easy to use) and the following login information:

Server Type: pserver
User Name: anonymous
Password: n/a
Path: /cvsroot/xoops

Or you may directly browse the CVS tree with your navigator by pointing your browser here.

If you're the impatient kind who wishes to apply bugfixes before the whole world, just keep an eye on the changelog files which can be found here: CHANGELOG. Hack at your own risk :o)

Cheers, n best wishes from the DEV Team!

Original Setup Program

I created the setup program of xoops.
A setup program is as near as install.php.
There is the following feature compared with install.php.
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"Ask Michelle" your weekly look behind Xoops Dev. is Back.

Hey Everyone,

Welcome to another edition of "Ask Michelle" your weekly home for what's going on with the Xoops Devs. I'll try and make this weeks a column a weekly feature to give the Xoops Community a peak at what's going on with the development of Xoops. So let's get down to business.

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Bring on the Revolution

Launched this week, is the latest development in the Open Source Content Management Community. A b2b marketplace through which developers, designers, project managers, and other web professionals with experience of one or more of the Open Source CMS systems may freely bid for projects.
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